Once you have added someone as your follower on Instagram, they can do so many things. They can give you likes and leave cool comments, but some of them can also send you inappropriate messages. No need to worry about them. IG Cleaner is here to keep your day stress-free!


Cleaner for IG

Cleaner for IG
Developed by : Neagu Robert PFA

Block Multiple Accounts

Blocking accounts from Instagram itself can be pretty tiring. With IG Cleaner, it will just require you a few taps! Just follow the steps below.

1. Launch IG Cleaner and tap “Followers”.

2. Choose the accounts you want to block.

3. Press “Actions”.

4. Select “Block”.

Unblock Multiple Accounts

Have you accidentally blocked the wrong users? Check again and unblock them all at once!

1. Tap “Settings”.

2. Swipe up and select “Blocked Users”.


3. Choose the accounts you want to unblock.

4. Tap “Actions”.

5. Select “Unblock”.

Clean Up!

Blocking people on Instagram can be a pretty tough job. You need more time to open their accounts one by one and block them. But IG Cleaner can block them in a flash! Just be extra careful, though! You don’t want to block the wrong users. Yikes! But in case you do, IG Cleaner will still be the app you need. Get the app now and start cleaning up!