Know your way around GIPHY? Check. Found your favorite GIFs? Yes. Shared on SNS? Done! Your GIPHY experience must be complete now. But are you still looking for more? GIPHY will never run out of GIFs, but if you are craving for a GIF that you can relate to the most… create it instead!

Create Your Own GIF!

1. In the Create tab, allow GIPHY to access your camera.

2. Is your subject ready? Press and hold the capture button!

  • You may either snap a photo or record a video. You can also upload media files from your gallery!

3. GIPHY will introduce the editing tools: Captions, Stickers, Trim, Loop Type, and Share. Tap “Dope!” to try them all.

4. Add some captions on your GIF.

  • You may choose from the available font colors. When done, press the check mark on the upper right corner.

  • You can also resize and reposition your caption.

5. Put some stickers.

  • Search for specific stickers, or select and tap from the given categories.

  • Resize and reposition your stickers, too!

6. Trim your GIF by dragging the sliders.

  • Press the check mark on the upper right corner when done.

7. Select a Loop Type: Rewind, Ping-pong, Forward.

  • Just tap the Loop Type button until you find your desired movement.

8. Is your GIF ready? Tap the share button!

Save or Upload your GIF!

Share your personal GIF to everyone! It might come in handy for other GIF fans, too…

Upload to GIPHY

1. Set your GIF to Public or Private.

2. Add tags.

3. Agree to GIPHY’s Terms of Service.

4. Press “Upload to GIPHY”.

  • Wait for you GIF to be uploaded.

5. GIF uploaded to your channel!

Save GIF

1. Press “Save GIF”.

2. Select “Save Image”.

3. Check your gallery and find your own GIF!

Your Own GIF!

Isn’t GIPHY the most complete GIF package? Not only can you collect your all-time favorites or share them on SNS, but you can also make your own! You will surely have so much fun expressing yourself to your friends. How cool it is to use GIFs that you can relate to 101%, right? Be your own GIF generator with GIPHY!