Excited for a trip but don’t really trust your memory and body clock? Waze will save the day! The app doesn’t only show you the way, take you to your destination, or talk about what’s happening on the road. It can also remind you of your planned drives!

Planned drives tell you the estimated travel time and traffic situation. And in case you forget about the trip, you will be notified ahead of time. Cool, right? Plan your trips now and don’t be late!

“Go Later”

There are two ways to create a Planned Drive. You may start in the Map page.

1. Type in your destination.

2. Select and tap from the search results.

3. Press “Go later”.

4. Input your starting point.

And select and tap from the search results.

5. Set the day of the trip.

And press “Done”.

6. Set the time of when you need to arrive at your destination.

  • Waze will be showing the estimated travel time. It will also suggest a departure time so you will not be late!

7. Tap “Save”.

  • Planned drive created!

“Plan a drive”

1. View the menu bar by tapping the search button at the bottom left corner.

2. Select “Planned drives”.

3. Tap “Plan a drive”.

4. Input your destination.

5. Set your starting point and day of departure.

6. Set your arrival time.

7. Press “Save”.

  • Planned drive saved!

Plan Drives with Waze

Waze just really wants you to outsmart the traffic. But it also knows how busy you can get, so it takes the pleasure of reminding you about your trips! All you gotta do is set your starting point, destination, and arrival time. Waze prioritizes your travels, so create your planned drives and get to where you have to be… safely and on time!