Imagine this: a keyboard that is made especially for you. Sounds a bit impossible, doesn’t it? Well, not with Gboard! You can modify the keyboard’s features, language, and even design. Customize your Gboard to your liking!




Developed by : Google LLC. 

Customize Your Keyboard

From the keyboard’s basic settings to the way it looks, you get to have a say in it all! Simply open the app and see which settings you want to start with:


1. Select “Languages”.

2. Tap the installed languages to edit the keyboard formation.

3. Are you multilingual? Choose the language you want to add…

And tap to add it.

4. Turn on “Cycle through Gboard languages” to easily access all languages.

Keyboard Settings

1. Select “Keyboard settings”.

2. Modify the keyboard to your preferences by toggling the features.

3. Use “Clear my dictionary” to erase your word history.

4. Clear up your GIF history by tapping “Clear my recently used GIFs”.

    • You can also turn off “Share usage statistics” to stop Gboard from sending your usage statistics to Google.

Search Settings

1. Tap “Search settings”.

2. Toggle “Predictive search” for some helpful search suggestions.

3. Want an easier way to look for phone numbers? “Contacts search” can help you with that!

4. “Turn off location access” stops Gboard from using your location.

5. Clean up the app’s cache with “Clear local storage”.

    • Erase Gboard’s search history by tapping “Clear Gboard search history”.


1. Tap “Themes”.

2. Change the keyboard’s default colors.

    • You can download “Landscapes” themes.

3. Use your own photos! Hit the +” icon…

And select a photo from your gallery.

4. Move the box to adjust the photo and then tap “Choose”.

5. Adjust the black overlay and enable the key borders…

    • Hit “DONE” when you’re finished.

Use One-handed Mode

Are your hands a bit too full to reply to your messages? Don’t worry! Send messages easily with Gboard’s One-handed Mode!

1. Turn on “One-handed mode” in the Keyboard Settings.

2. Go to the keyboard and hold the Globe icon.

3. Select “One-handed mode”.

4. Switch sides by tapping the arrow button.

    • You can return to the default keyboard by tapping the expand button.

    • You have used One-handed mode!

The Google Keyboard!

Make your online communication a whole lot easier by customizing your Gboard! With the freedom to change your languages, themes, keyboard and search settings, you can finally have a keyboard that makes chatting as effortless as speaking. Tweak your Gboard for a smooth communication!