Technology today can help you keep digital copies of your important documents. You can have image files of your driver’s license, credit card details, birth certificates, even personal memories. So how do you secure your important information and preserve your special moments? This is where Secret Photo Vault by Keepsafe comes in!

Install Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe App is an award-winning photo locker. Join over 70 million users in securing your personal information, protecting private photos, and saving phone space with a simple yet beautiful interface. Hide your important pictures in a secret locker, accessible only to you!


Secret Photo Vault - Keepsafe

Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Protect Photos

Give your important files maximum security! If you have photos of important documents in your phone, keep them safe with Secret Photo Vault.


  1. Tap  to launch Secret Photo Vault.
  1. Log in to Keepsafe.

  • Tap “Create Account” if you don’t have a Keepsafe account. You can also use your account for other Keepsafe apps!
  1. Choose photos from your library.

  • Allow Keepsafe to access your photo library.
  1. Tap “import”.

  • Your photos will be protected…

Create a PIN

Ensure your security with a personal identification number!

  1. Create a PIN code.

  • Use up to eight digits.
  1. Tap “OK”.

  1. Confirm your PIN.

  • You have hidden your photos in Secret Photo Vault!

Import More Photos

Want to fill up your vault with more secret photos? Import them from your photo library!

  1. Tap the add button.

  1. Tap “Import Photos”.

  1. Choose photos to hide.

  1. Tap “Import”.

  • You have uploaded more photos to your vault!

Search Photos Manually

You can also browse photos in your phone manually.

  1. Tap the add button.

  1. Tap “Add Files”.

  1. Press “Browse”.

  1. Choose the location of files to hide.

  1. Tap a file.

  • You have added another photo to your vault!

Protect Your Pictures!

If you keep important photos in your phone, you will need extra protection. Secret Photo Vault is that extra bit of protection you need. Secure your special memories, preserve family photos, and rest assured that your important files are protected with high-grade data encryption for maximum security. From your photos and videos to IDs and credit details, keep your files safe with Keepsafe!