Ever found yourself whipping up really good memes in your head, but never got to make them a reality? With Mematic – The Meme Maker app, you can make the most hilarious memes for any situation! Create your own memes like a bonafide meme lord and share some great laughs!


Mematic - The Meme Maker

Mematic – The Meme Maker
Developed by : Trilliarden

Make a Meme!

Your love of memes will be fully satisfied with Mematic – The Meme Maker app! Start designing your own memes by following these super easy steps:

   1. Launch Mematic app and hit “Start”.

     2. Choose a style!

     3. Choose a category for your background.

  • You may choose from your own photos and videos, or you can use the pre-installed collection of memes and gifs in the app.
  • Tap “See All for more backgrounds!

  • Got a particular meme in mind? Enter the name, hit “Search” and tap your chosen background.

  1. Add captions.

…and then tap “Return”.

     5. Resize your captions by dragging the orange button.

  • You may also change the font style and color of your meme!

  • You may only use the watermark tool if you avail the app’s premium version.

     6. Once you’re satisfied with your meme, tap “Done”.

Save and Share Your Meme!

Give your friends a laugh! Send your meme via messages or post them on social media!

     1.Tap “Share”.

     2. Select Twitter.

  • You may also share your meme on other SNS.

     3. Type a caption.

     4. Hit “Tweet”!

  • You have Tweeted your meme!

      5. Save your meme to your photos! Tap “Save” and then “Yeah”.

  • You have saved your meme!

The Meme Maker

Nothing’s as satisfying as a good meme. With Mematic – The Meme Maker, you can have your own stash of personalized memes ready for any occasion. Download the app now and make memes like a boss!