Has something been bothering you for days? You can’t sleep and think clearly? Don’t worry! Everything’s gonna be alright. And great news! An app you can install on your phone can help you let go of everything at once. Start thinking of good thoughts. Take a deep breath… Calm is here to help you chase the stress away!

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Calm - Meditation and Sleep Stories

Calm – Meditation and Sleep Stories
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Get to know your app and let it get to know you, too. Create an account to personalize Calm and discover how it can change your mindset!  

  1. Tap    to open the app.
  2. Choose your top goals and press “Continue”.


  1. Select “Continue with Facebook”.

  • You may also create a Calm account using your email.
  1. Press “Continue as [your name]”.

  • Avail all of Calm features and meditation guides by purchasing Premium. Tap “x” to use the app for free.


  • Tell Calm where you first heard about it.

  • Welcome to Calm!

Wander through Calm!

You don’t have a complete idea of what Calm really is…yet. Take a peek of what’s inside this wonderful app! Calm has six corners that you need to explore: Home, Sleep, Meditate, Music, and More.


Your Home on Calm appears like your home screen wallpaper. The screen is on still mode to make you feel relaxed… even for the first time you open the app.


Even during sleep and nap time, Calm will be right by your side. It will read you stories and accompany you through the night. Simply swipe left or right to view all available bedtime stories!

The All section displays all choices for you. Scroll down to choose the story for the night!


If you’ve chosen a story and really liked it the first time you heard it, give it some love.


The stories you gave a heart reaction to will be on My.

If you can’t seem to choose from the long list, pass by Recommended. You might find your first favorite story there!

Our grandmothers used to say, “Do you wanna hear a story?” Relive that moment on Fiction.

Wanna feel like a child again? Choose Kids.

Sometimes, we let music lull us to sleep. Calm has got lullabies for you on Music.

The rustling of leaves, river babbles, and the howling wind? If you’re into this kind of sound trip, try Nature.

Want some tear-jerking and provoking stories? Non-fiction might be the one!

Feel refreshed after your nap with the right kind of music. Go to Naps.

You can also choose something new to the ears on Non-English.

Craving for that tingling feeling from your head to your spine? Nothing beats ASMR on that!

Do you already have a favorite narrator? Listen to more of their stories on By Narrator.

Yes! Some stories can be available offline after you download them. Get them on Available Offline.


Get the best rituals and exercises on Meditate. Choose from the refined list brought to you by Calm.

View all possible choices on All.

Keep on repeating your favorite exercises on My.

Right into slumber! You’re on your way to that most relaxing me-time on Sleep.

Reduce your anxiety level gradually. Anxiety has some rituals for your heart.

Test your inherent skills and indulge in Beginner exercises.

Don’t yield to stress! You can get through it. And Stress might help…

Whatever happens, leave something for yourself. Learn to love yourself more on Self-Care exercises.

Enter your mind palace and focus on your chakra. Find that on Inner Peace.

Improve your attention span and reflexivity on Focus.

Learn to control surges of feelings that might lead to something serious. Practice restraint and constraint on Emotions.

Wanna feel like doing the exercise yourself without any guide to direct you? Less Guidance gets you!

You form different kinds of relationships in your life. Maintain good relationships and learn to also love yourself on Relationships.  

Improvement is the key! Witness how you grow into a more even-tempered and de-stressed person on Personal Growth.

Evoke the child in you and experience the difference on Kids.

Download your favorite meditations and practice them when you’re at school or at your workplace.


Sometimes, it just takes the beats and rhythm of your favorite song to make the day feel brighter and better. Discover a new playlist on Calm Music.

View available music selections on All.

Keep your favorites on  My.

Of course, you pine for your favorite song before you sleep. Listen to it on Sleep.

Explore the sounds in the galaxy, the deserts, and caves on Nature Melodies.

After a long, tiring day, you just want to feel relaxed and comfortable. Relax music selection can give a hand to help you.

Let the natural-soothing sound of the forest, the river, or the sky make you calm. Feel like you’re walking in the rain and imagine the trees dance with the wind on Soundscapes.

Music can definitely improve focus. You memorize lines and get swayed by its rhythm. Take your concentration to the highest level through Focus.

Listen to your favorite healing playlist on Available Offline.


Wait… there’s more! Make your body move and practice mindfulness by focusing on your breathing. Calm has relaxing scenes for you to look at while your meditating. See? There’s certainly a lot more!  


If you think that you need a teacher to guide you all the way through, take Calm Masterclasses. Learn from the best!  


Awaken the feeble muscles! Learn body stretches to shun away muscle atrophy.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Start with 20 seconds until you reach a minute and you actually won’t notice the ticking of the clock.

Select the best scenery for your home screen! Adjust the background volume to avoid any nuisance during meditation.

You can play Calm music even if you open other apps. Just set the time and Calm will be with you for as long as you want.


Visit your Profile!

Keep track of your stats and streaks. How long did you meditate for the day? How many days have you been with Calm?


View your personal calendar and history to monitor the sessions you’ve taken.


Be proud of your streaks! Don’t skip your healing exercises!


Create an alarm for “mindfulness practice time”. Observe your sleeping patterns and boost your mood!

Always get reminders from Calm. Don’t allow yourself to get swamped by stress. And don’t forget to save your settings!

Invite friends to use Calm. Let them experience the change! You can help them get through anything with simply telling them about Calm.


  • You have shared about Calm on your SNS.


Meditate with Calm

  1. Go to “Meditate”.

  1. Select a routine.

  1. Begin with the Day 1 session.

  • You may download the exercise to listen to it while you’re offline.

  • You may also change the narrator.


  1. Meditate…

  1. Tap the box to end the session.

  • You did great! Take a deep breath and wait for your Day 2 session.

Take a break!

We are all humans. No one gets an exemption from exhaustion. And sometimes, you will face stress and anxiety alone. But Calm will be with you from the beginning until you get through your current challenge. So whenever you feel tired and sad, take a break with Calm! Have a good night and sleep tight!