Mental health is just as important as physical health. That’s why we have trouble working at our best when we are stressed. Are you starting to feel a toll on your mental health? Then keep yourself in good mental condition with Headspace: Meditation app! 

Lull your troubled thoughts by following the app’s guided meditation techniques! You’ll feel mentally invigorated in no time!


Headspace: Meditation

Headspace: Meditation
Developed by : Headspace Inc.

Calm Your Thoughts

Still your mind with Headspace: Meditation app! Take a deep breath and follow the steps:

1. Hit “Begin” to start meditating!


2. Swipe to choose how long you want to meditate.

3. Tap the Play button.

  • Use your headphones for a complete immersion!

4. A soothing voice will tell you how to relax. Follow the voice’s instructions to unwind!

5. You have successfully meditated!

Continue Your Meditation

Keep rejuvenating your mind by reminding yourself of your meditations!

1. Tap the arrow button.

2. Select “Enable Mindful Moments”.

3. Turn on the notifications…

And adjust the number of notifications by moving the slider.

4. Hit “Save”.

5. Track your progress by tapping “Save to Health Kit”.

6. Turn on “Mindful Minutes”.

7. Tap “Allow”.

8. You can now be reminded of your next meditation!

Explore Headspace: Meditation

See what else is on Headspace: Meditation app!


See how far you’ve gone with your meditation sets by checking out the Home page!


Try out other meditation techniques that are available in the app! You might find another technique that works for you!


Monitor your progress through the Profile page! See how long you’ve been meditating and be a witness to your journey for a sound mind!

Unlock Meditation Guides

Achieve total relaxation by subscribing to Headspace: Meditation app! Unlock all meditation guides and let your mind and body unwind!

Relax Your Mind!

There’s no need for you to stay stressed any longer! With the Headspace: Meditation app, all you have to do is lean back and listen to the guided meditations. Complete each meditation set and you’ll find yourself at ease in no time. Free yourself from your worries with Headspace: Meditation app!