Liking a post on Instagram can be easily done with two taps! But with so many posts that we have liked, it would take hours just to check out the post that you want to see. Start unliking some posts and find what you are looking with IG Cleaner!


Cleaner for IG

Cleaner for IG
Developed by : Neagu Robert PFA

Unlike Multiple Posts

If you have liked multiple posts on Instagram, you can check them all on IG Cleaner. See any weird posts that you might have accidentally liked? Well, you can unlike them too in a matter of seconds!

1. Launch IG Cleaner and tap “Liked”.

2. Choose the posts you want to unlike!

3. Press “Actions”.

4. Select “Unlike”.


Account Cleanup!
The final step of getting a reboot on your account is to unlike all the unnecessary posts you have liked. You might have liked some posts accidentally. So start unliking them and complete your account cleanup!