Need a copy of your lesson’s notes? Snapping a photo of your friend’s notebook page just won’t do especially when you need a physical copy of it. Converting images into PDF files and looking for a scanner takes a lot of time and effort. Turn your smartphone into a scanner. Yes, you read it right! There’s an app that can save you time and money.

Install Camscanner

Camscanner is your own mobile scanner. Just take a snap of your notes and you can turn it into a pdf or jpg file. You can also send your files to anyone and print them out!

Direct Link: Camscanner




Launch App

Time to discover what this app can do for you!


  1. Tap to open the app.
  • Allow the app to send you notifications.
  1. The app will give you tips. Swipe to read!

  • Welcome to Camscanner! You’re almost there…

Create an Account

To save and retrieve all your files in Camscanner, create an account!

  1. Tap Register”.

  1. Input your name and create a password.

  1. Tap Send Activation Email”.

  • Activate your account by tapping “Check the activation email”. This will redirect you to your Gmail.

  • If you haven’t received your activation mail from Camscanner, just press Resend email.
  1. You’re in!

Explore Camscanner

There are several tabs in the app. Don’t worry… they are easy to use! Get to know the app before you use it.


In this tab, you can check the files shared to you by other users. You can also upgrade your app into the Business or Premium version.

New Folder

If you have created tons of files already, sort them by folders here.

Just name your folders and you’re good to go.


Can’t find that one file you’re looking for? Search for them!

Thumbnail / List

You can also choose how your files will be shown. Just like in your computer, you can view your files by thumbnails or a list.


Can’t find that file you saved during your exam week? Sort your files by date and you’ll find what you’re looking for!


Did your friend lose his notes? Send a copy through this tab!

Start Scanning!

No need to buy that huge scanner just to get a copy of your files! Just snap them or upload the photos from your gallery.

  1. Tap Camera.

  • You can also upload your photo from your library.

2. Hit the capture button.

3. Crop your photo.

  • Select the parts you need by dragging the circles.

  • You can also resize and rotate your photo.
  1. Tap the Check icon to proceed.

Edit Your Photo

Does your file look a bit messy and crumpled? Add filters and use the tools to get a clean print!

  1.  Choose your filter.

  • You can also rotate the photo. let the app identify all the words on your notes. 

  • You can also get a text copy of your photo by tapping OCR.

2. Tap the filter tab again to adjust the settings of your filter.

  • Get the best result by moving the toggle bar.

  1. Hit the check icon to proceed.

  1. Photo edited and saved!

Share Your Document

Turn your edited photo into a pdf by simply following these steps.

  1. Tap “Share”.

  1. Select “PDF file”.

  • Send your file in a photo format, by tapping JPG.
  1. Select any social media app compatible with Camscanner.

  • You have shared your file!

Email Your Document

You can also send important documents via email in Camscanner.

  1. Tap “Email”.

  1. Send your file in PDF.

  • You can also choose to send it in a jpg format or send a link.
  1. Input all the necessary details.

  1. Hit Send”!

Your Handy Scanner

Have a complete PC set with a printer? If you think you have everything, think again! Your company asked for a copy of your ID but you don’t have a scanner with you… It surely is embarrassing to knock on your neighbor’s door just to scan your ID.


You don’t have to go the extra mile with Camscanner! Snap, share, and convert your photos into PDF files. Who knows? You never know when you need this convenience!