If you’re a fan of anime, then you’ve definitely experienced moments where you have to wait for a long time for the episode to air on TV. But with the Crunchyroll app, you won’t have to wait! Have fun watching your favorite episodes back-to-back in the comfort of your mobile device!



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Watch a Show

Grab some popcorn and pull up your feet because you can now watch your favorite anime series on the Crunchyroll app! Just follow the steps below:

1. Launch the app and go to “Anime”.

2. Select a title.

  • You may also search for a series.

  • You can also search anime series through the following categories: Popular, Genres, A to Z, and Seasons.

3. Hit “START” to begin watching.

  • Tap “ADD TO QUEUE” to bookmark the show.

  • Looking for a specific episode? Swipe up to see the episode list!

  • You are now watching anime on Crunchyroll!

  • Want to enjoy ad-free streaming? Sign up for a Crunchyroll premium membership!

Video Controls

Learn the different video controls that can improve your anime-watching experience with Crunchyroll!


Need to take a break from watching non-stop? Just tap the pause button to stop the video, and tap it again to resume watching.


If you missed a few important seconds in the episode, you can hit the rewind button to go back by ten seconds. Tap the fast-forward button to move forward into the video by ten seconds.

Next Episode

Enjoy a seamless viewing of your favorite anime by turning on “autoplay” for the next episode to play automatically after the video ends. You can also go to the next episode by tapping the forward button.

Cast to Device

You can also watch your favorite anime on different screens! Just tap the connect to device button and select the device you want to use for watching.


Use the volume slider at the top right of the viewing screen to adjust the sound level of the video.

Explore Crunchyroll

While Crunchyroll is an app that lets you stream anime series, it does so in the most innovative ways! Check out these features that can better your experience with Crunchyroll!  


If you’ve been queueing up several different shows on Crunchyroll, you can find them all in the Home tab. “MY QUEUE” will show you which anime series you are watching. You can also look up your viewing history here in case you weren’t able to finish an episode.



Check out the New tab for some of the latest shows and episodes! Under “THIS SEASON” are shows that have been recently updated. And if you want to know when the episodes were uploaded, Crunchyroll provides an updated timeline for you to stay up to date!


Crunchyroll doesn’t just stream anime! You can watch Japanese dramas and documentaries on the app as well. From dramas about men working in a butler café to reality show contests on cosplaying, you’ll find yourself entertained with all of the different shows that Crunchyroll offers!


Modify your Crunchyroll experience by checking out the Account tab! Here you can find the option to subscribe for a premium membership, which grants you access to simulcast episodes as well as some perks that are only for premium members. You can edit your settings under this tab as well.

Stream Your Favorite Anime!

Normally, you’d have to wait for a while for your favorite anime series to air on TV after it’s been broadcasted in Japan. But with the Crunchyroll app, you get to stream it all on your phone right after it airs! Enjoy watching subbed episodes continuously, and try out the premium membership for ad-free and simulcast episodes. Keep yourself updated on the latest and popular anime and drama releases. Watching anime has never been this convenient!