No need to schedule dance classes when you’ve got Dance Reality! Using  iOS 11’s augmented reality technology, the app uses your camera to project the dance pattern on your floor. All you have to do is position your feet on the projected footprints and you’re ready to cha-cha real smooth!


Dance Reality

Dance Reality
Developed by : Dance Reality LLC

Start Dancing!

Ready to learn some fancy footwork? Launch the app and allow it to access your camera. From there, you’re ready to take on the dance floor!

  1. Find your dance floor!

  1. Position your feet over the footprints.

  • You may dance with yourself or with a partner.

  • Tap the screen when you’re good to go!
  1. Start the warm-up by following the footprints!

  • You have completed the warm-up! Tap “OK” to continue.

  1. Select which dance you want to learn after warming up!

  1. Start with the basics by selecting “Basic Step”.

  1. Follow the moves!

  • You can change the speed of the footwork by moving the slider.

  • Want to see how the moves look like? Just tap on the instructional video.

  • Tap on the numbers and music if you want them turned off.

  1. You have completed a lesson!

  • How was your first lesson? Tap “Lost”, “OK”, or “Great”. You may also tap “Skip”.

  • Learn more moves! Purchase different lessons for different dance styles and grow into a better dancer!

Get Your Groove On!

With the Dance Reality app, no longer will you have to awkwardly shuffle your feet side to side during parties! The app’s innovative use of augmented reality will help you learn different styles with different rhythms. Everyone starts with the basics, and you’ll surely get somewhere too. Install the Dance Reality app and get your groove on!