Are you an aspiring polyglot? Then Duolingo is the app for you! From Swahili to Klingon, the app features over 81 different language courses, all designed as fun game-type tests! You even get to choose the courses’ difficulty, and build communities with members interested in the same languages as you are. Get Duolingo now and learn a language for fun!



Developed by : Duolingo

Language Courses

Duolingo is the best app for all those who love learning new languages. Get it now and start exploring the app!

  1. Launch the app and tap “Get Started”.

     2. Choose a language course.

  • Swipe to the very bottom and tap “More” to reveal more courses!

  • Are you a die-hard Game of Thrones fan? Duolingo also offers courses on fictional languages like High Valyrian and Klingon!

     3. Pick a goal according to how much time you can allot everyday.

  • You can still change your goal as you progress in the app.

     4. Tap “CONTINUE”.

     5. Choose a path based on your skill.

     6. Start playing!

  • You have started your first official lesson!

     7. Tap “CONTINUE”.

     8. Duolingo will put you up for a challenge! Tap “NO THANKS” to proceed.

  • You may select “EQUIP FOR 50” to take the challenge. You will have to maintain a 7-day streak on the app to have your wager doubled.

Create a Profile

Don’t forget to create a profile so that you can enjoy every bit of the app’s features! Just follow these steps:


     2. Enter your age and then hit “NEXT”.

     3. Type your name and then hit “NEXT”.

     4. Enter your email address and then hit “NEXT”.

     5. Create a password for your profile.

     6. Hit “CREATE PROFILE”.

     7. Press “CONTINUE”.

  • You have created your Duolingo profile!

Play Games

Aside from translating, Duolingo also lets you practice your diction and intonation through hearing lessons. Other tests are accompanied by fun graphics to stimulate even more learning!

  1. Tap “Basics 1”.

     2. Start playing!

  • Some tests also require you to listen and repeat after the app!

Explore Duolingo

Wouldn’t it be cool if you got to mingle with other people taking the same language course as you? Well, this app has more to it than you think! Duolingo lets you take challenges and mingle with the rest of the community to give you that extra boost of motivation!


You can earn achievements through various ways, such as buying a lot of power-ups and completing a streak. View all your achievements and collect even more!

You can get a tier for the “Sharpshooter” achievement through completing one lesson straight without mistakes!

Join a Club

A sure-fire method to learn a language faster is by practicing with others. Improve your grasp on any language by joining a club and learn more tips from native speakers and experts!

Greet other member in your language course to earn XP (experience) points!

You can even play games within the club!

Power-Ups and Skills

Challenge yourself by buying Power-Ups and learn famous sayings and idioms in a language through Skills!

Learn languages for free!

Learning a language has never been this wonderful! With Duolingo, you get to improve your skills on all important aspects of learning a new language, all the while having fun throughout each level. Get the app now and take courses on any language you want!