You never know if you’ve totally explored your city. Businesses, stores, restaurants, and other hidden gems might be in your neighborhood just waiting to be discovered! Expand your horizons with Google Maps’ Explore feature! Know the best places near you and experience your city like never before!


Google Maps - Transit & Food

Google Maps – Transit & Food
Developed by : Google LLC

Search Nearby Places

Looking for a restaurant near your workplace that serves delicious and budget-friendly meals? Use Explore to search for nearby places that will meet your needs!

  1. Launch the app and go to “Explore”.

     2. Swipe up for full view!

     3. Choose a category!

  • Want to see more options? Press “More” and choose from even more categories such as gyms and pharmacies!

  • You may also choose popular local searches like “Cheap spots for groups” and “Karaoke bars”!

     4. Filter your search results.

     5. Tap a result.

     6. Check out details on the location!

Featured Lists

Want to find out the trendiest places in your city? Google finds out the most talked about places per week and compiles them into a convenient list! The app also allows other users to make lists of their own, so you can base your new bucket list on locals’ suggestions!

  1. Swipe up to “Lists”.

     2. Tap on a list.

     3. Tap “Follow”.

  • You have followed a list!

  • You can keep track of the lists you’re following in the menu…

And then tap “Saved”.

Share a List

Found a potential list for food-tripping? Share it with your friends and family and invite them to tick off each item on the list with you!

  1. Press “Share”.

     2. Select “Messenger”.

  • You may also choose other SNS.

     3. Add a caption to your message!

     4. Select a friend.

     5. Hit “Send”.

  • You have sent a list to a friend!

Google Maps Platform

Are you feeling a little adventurous? Google Maps’ Explore feature is a wonderful way to get to know your city better! Find out the most raved places or tailor your search results according to your interests! Use the app feature now and elevate your city-living experience!