Typing on your phone with its default keyboard is fine, but have you tried typing with a keyboard that makes the whole process a lot easier? Sound interesting? Then try out Gboard- The Google Keyboard app and experience effortless communication!


Gboard- The Google Keyboard

Gboard- The Google Keyboard
Developed by : Google LLC.

Search with Google

No longer will you have to go through the hassle of leaving conversations just to open a browser and search something up! With Google Search easily accessible on your keyboard, you can search anything up in just a few taps. Search and send with Gboard’s Google Search!

Begin your experience on searching on your keyboard with Gboard:

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Send Emojis, Stickers, GIFs, & Drawings

Can’t find the right words to say? Use visual images to express how you truly feel! Take your pick from an abundant amount of emojis and kaomojis, adorable stickers, and hilarious GIFs. And if those don’t really convey your thoughts, you can always draw your ideas! Show your creative spirit by chatting with fun images!

Can’t wait to use this feature? Follow this link:

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Speak with Dictation Tool

If you’ve got both of your hands full and you need to reply to someone, then this feature is perfect for you! Gboard’s Dictation Tool is a speech-to-text tool known for its accuracy and speed. Simply press the spacebar, start talking, and the tool will turn your words into sentences in no time!

Check out this link to learn how to use the app’s dictation tool:

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Message using Glide Typing

It’s time to reduce your typing time! Let your fingers glide through the keys like a figure skater and watch the app predict the words you want to say. A quick and convenient feature, you won’t have to lift your fingers anymore, literally!

Figure out how to use this feature for a faster communication:

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Customize the Keyboard

Customize your keyboard for easier chatting! From its design to how it operates, you have the freedom of changing everything for your convenience. You can even add up to three languages for international exchanges online! Tailor your keyboard to fit your preferences and enjoy smooth online interactions.

See how much you can customize your keyboard by following the link:

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Type Effortlessly!

Online chatting has been an easy and effective mode of communication for over two decades, but there’s always room for improvement! Gboard takes efficient communication to a whole new level. You can type messages faster than before, search things up in a flash, send a diverse amount of images, and even have a keyboard fit for yourself. Use Gboard- The Google Keyboard app and type without breaking a sweat!