Sometimes words are not enough to express your feelings online. That’s why GIFs are the new emojis! Make your conversations more entertaining by using animated pictures with GIF Keyboard app! Tell your friends exactly what you mean— but with GIFs!   


GIF Keyboard

GIF Keyboard
Developed by : Tenor

Set Up GIF Keyboard!

Start replying to conversations with GIFs! Get started with GIF Keyboard app!

1. Launch the app.

2. Tap Go to Settings.

3. Tap Keyboards”.

4. Turn on GIF Keyboard.

5. Select Allow Full Access”

And tap Allow.

Send out the GIFs!

Liven up your chats! Send GIFs to your friends for fun!

1. Chat someone up!

  • You can send GIFs on other SNS such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facetime. Just paste the GIF in the chat box!

2. Hold the  button.

3. SelectGIF Keyboard.

4. Choose a GIF you want to send!

  • You might find some good GIFs in the trending page!

  • Can’t find the GIF you want? Use the search box!

  • Swipe to find more GIFs.

5. Tap the GIF you want to use.

  • Add some captions to customize!

  • Want to use it for later? Save by tapping the heart!

6. Paste the GIF on the chat box.

7. Hit Send GIF.

  • You have sent a GIF!

  • The app can be accessed through your keyboard, so try it out on other social media!

Explore GIF Keyboard!

Want to explore more GIFs? Check out how GIF Keyboard app works!


See what GIFs are trending every day! You can also discover some GIFs you can use through the search box.

Upload GIFs

Have some GIFs of your own? Share it with the community by uploading them! You can add some hashtags so that others can find them easily.

GIF Packs

Sort out the GIFs you’ve liked to make your life easier! You can also share your GIF packs to your friends so they can join in on the fun.


See your uploaded and liked GIFs on your profile! The app’s settings can also be found here.

Have Fun Chatting!

Why bother replying with words when you can simply send a GIF instead? With GIF Keyboard app, you’ll no longer have boring conversations! Have fun talking to your friends by sending GIFs!