Have you ever cancelled plans due to sudden heavy rains? Or had to change outfits when the day ended up hotter than you expected? The weather can be very unpredictable!

If you want to be sure when to bring your umbrella, try Hello Weather! With this app, you’ll no longer have to wonder if a storm is brewing. All you have to do is check the app, and you’ll have everything you need to know!


Hello Weather

Hello Weather
Developed by : Pop State Co.

Check the Weather

Plan out your day the right way by looking at the weather forecast! Just follow these steps:

1. Check the weather in your area by turning on the location.

2. View the state of the weather under “Right now”.

  • Swipe to see the area’s wind speed, humidity, air pressure, daylight time, and UV levels.

3. See the changes in temperature per hour under “This morning”.

4. Take a look at “This week” to see the weather conditions and temperature changes for the whole week.

  • You can now use the app to check the weather anytime!

Explore Hello Weather

Hello Weather doesn’t just give you weather forecasts. Take a look around to see other weather-related features it has!


The weather in one location can be completely different from where you are at the moment. Add new locations in the app to check the area’s weather so that you won’t have to bring an umbrella everywhere.

Join the Fan Club

Get cool features from Hello Weather by subscribing! Enjoy checking the weather with radar view, different weather data sources, real-time precipitation estimates, and customizable themes and app icons.

Change Time and Weather Units

You can change the app’s weather units and time format in the Settings. Just choose from the regional measurement units you want to use. You can even turn on the Sailboat Options if you plan on going to the beach!

Come Rain or Shine!

Canceling your plans because of the weather can be annoying, so figure out which way the wind blows with Hello Weather! Use the app for hourly, daily, and even weekly weather reports to set your activities around it. Say goodbye to taking rain checks because you’ll be enjoying your day with Hello Weather!