Reading is never boring. But if there was a different way to know stories, you wouldn’t want to miss it, right? Usually, you flip through page after page and swim through endless paragraphs. Well, there’s an app that will tell you stories through text messages! Is it possible? Check out HOOKED and… get hooked!

HOOKED is a chat stories app that will need your participation. Read the story and be part of the story! Get to know the characters as though you’re reading their conversations on their phones. Download HOOKED and feel a new kind of excitement for reading!



Developed by : Telepathic, Inc.

Start Reading!

Ready to stir your curiosity? Brace yourself for some thrill and suspense! Once you start reading, you’ll never want to stop…

1. Launch the app and tap “Romantic”.

  • You may press Scary if you want to read a story from that genre.

2. Tap anywhere to continue reading.

  • Read on and find out the characters’ story!

3. Turn the audio on.

  • Wait for the audio to be completely downloaded.

  • Listen and read on! Press the Pause button if you want to take a break.

  • Not all stories have audio.

4. View images…

  • Can’t open images? Subscribe first to unlock photos and unlimited stories! Simply exit to continue reading for free.

5. Read on…

And then wait for the next chapter!


Are you more of a sci-fi person? Or you like suspense more than anything else? Check out HOOKED’s available categories and find your favorites in no time! Swipe down from the story to view the book’s cover. From there, tap the HOOKED button.


Which books are loved by many HOOKED readers? Find the popular chat stories in this tab!


It’s that time of the year! New Year? Thanksgiving? Christmas? Celebrate with different characters from different books in this category!


What’s new? In case you’ve already read all the stories, don’t worry! Check out this category more often so you can add something to your to-read list…


Of course, who wouldn’t want some lovey-dovey stories? Read different love stories and excite the hopeless romantic in you!


Who would’ve thought that text messages can actually scare you? Check out various suspense chat stories under this genre!


Reading strangers’ text messages is already a mystery itself. What better way to feed your curiosity than to read something from this category? Have fun solving mysteries!


Go get some good laughs! Read funny chat stories and get to know charming and humorous characters. Who wouldn’t want some hearty giggles and laughter, right?


Explore new worlds and live in them… through text messages. That’s how cool HOOKED is! Check out stories under this genre and read on!

Explore HOOKED

Reading has never been this exhilarating! Go around HOOKED and collect as many chat stories as you can. Aside from the different genres and categories available, here are tabs that can help you organize your good reads:


What are you currently reading? For sure, you can’t wait to finish the story! Find the stories that you haven’t finished reading yet in this tab!


Just started getting hooked with HOOKED? Don’t worry, you’ve got all the chances to read different chat stories! And by the time you complete one, two, or hundreds of books, you’ll find them all in this tab!


Wondering if there’s a story about a celebrity falling in love with a fan? How about a girl getting stuck in a mansion full of ghosts? Hit that Search button and find everything you want to read! You might even find your new favorite authors…


Keep yourself posted! Don’t forget to check your notifications and be on time in finishing your stories.

Get hooked!

Text messages can tell you stories, and it’s an incredibly compelling way of reading. You will never run out of mystery, and you will always want to keep the messages going! HOOKED gives you a brilliant alternative for books. Bite-sized stories? This app’s the one for you! Once you get Hooked, you’ll definitely stay hooked…