Have you ever wanted to just remove all of those inactive Instagram accounts without having to search for their names? Or how about deleting all those embarrassing photos you’ve uploaded on your account? Checking them all one by one can be a hassle. With IG Cleaner, you can do all of them with just a few taps!



Cleaner for IG

Cleaner for IG
Developed by : Neagu Robert PFA

Block and Unblock Accounts

Have you seen some Instagram friends posting inappropriate comments on your posts? It would be even more stressful if you have to go to their profiles one by one just to block them. With IG Cleaner, you can block multiple accounts at once!


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Unfollow Users

If you have noticed that some of the users that you follow are no longer active, maybe it’s high time you unfollow them! You don’t have to search each of them. Just use the app and unfollow more than one account in no time!

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Unlike Posts

You accidentally like some Instagram posts. And when you check your “Liked” tab, you might ask yourself, “Why did I double-tap this?” Don’t worry, it happens! IG Cleaner can spare you the effort of unliking multiple posts.

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Delete Posts

Instagram is one of the longest-running social media apps out there. Other users will always see your posts from the past… unless you delete them! Build your #IGFeedGoals and remove irrelevant posts! Let IG Cleaner help you clean the mess.

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Account Cleanup!

Some social media managing apps are a bit difficult to handle and most of them have several functions that you do not need. If all you need to do is a quick cleaning of your Instagram account, IG cleaner will let you do all those in a snap. Unfollow, block and delete without a hassle!