Video and photo editing apps are special on their own. Some have complicated interfaces, others have extra features you might rarely use. Downloading them separately could also take a toll on your phone’s internal memory. But with InShot app, you get the benefit of both… and more!

With a direct and streamlined design, you can edit your videos, photos, and create collages with this superb app. InShot media editor reserves all the extra jazz for your videos and photos to post on social media!


InShot Video Editor Music, Cut

InShot Video Editor Music, Cut
Developed by : InstaShot Inc.

Edit Videos

Trim and transform your video clips, merge and play them in reverse! Give the videos in your media library professional touches with essential video editing tools and more. Import your videos or record them with InShot itself!

Check out this link to get started:

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Edit Photos

Take and edit photos, enhance them with trendy special effect filters, and decorate with fun stickers! You’ll likely look for these kinds of features when you want to edit your photos. InShot offers everything you need to make your selfies stand out!

Start enhancing your pictures:

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Create Collages

With clean layouts and elegant backgrounds, neatly arrange your favorite photos into one image. Create photo collages with optimised layouts for your favorite SNS! Save all the mess of cutting, trimming, and editing photos individually. InShot keeps things tidy for you!

Start organizing your photos into stylish collages:

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3-in-1 Media Editor

Edit videos, embellish photos, and design collages. It can’t get any better than this! InShot has all the essential media editing tools and special features for your videos and photos. Polish and upgrade your posts before sharing them on social media. Upload your edits and give your timelines a touch of professional editing. If you want to surprise your friends with incredible edits, InShot is your best shot!