Social media has become a platform for online businesses and Instagram is one of the most popular apps on the market! If you’re using Instagram for your business, and you want to get more followers, it’s important to know the right #hashtags and the best hours for posting.

There are social media tools online, but you need to use your laptop or personal computers to access them. It’s much better if you can track your posts and follower interactions anywhere and anytime, isn’t it? Here’s a phone app that can help you without any hassle!

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Install InsTrack for Instagram


Direct Link: InsTrack for Instagram

InsTrack for Instagram

InsTrack for Instagram
Developed by : INNOVATTY, LLC

Open InsTrack for Instagram

1. Tap   to launch the app.

2. Connect your Instagram account by logging in.

  • Input your username and password. Tap “Log in”.

  • You may tap “Save Info” to automatically log in next time you use the app or “Not Now”.

3. Tap “Authorize”.

Explore InsTrack

When you launch the app, you will see various tabs, options, and settings.

Status Bar

Your latest Instagram activities are summed up on the status bar under your profile picture.


All your Instagram posts are shown here, along with the number of likes and comments.


Start customizing your posts and know the latest trends on Instagram with these tabs.

Plan your posts with Scheduler.

View what you like with Feeds.

Follow the best people online with Featured Users.

Know your engagement rankings by checking Weekly Ranks.

  See the posts with your favorite hashtags and customize them in Hashtags.

Check the summary of your accounts’ activities with Accounts.

Know the trends of people following and unfollowing you with Audience.

See the stats of your interactions with other users in Engagements.

Check the stats of your followers’ reviews and insights on your posts in Comments.

Find your popular posting times in Post Habits.

Know your popular posts with Media Ranks.

Compare how #hashtags are used and their popularity in Likes, Comments, etc., in Media Analysis.

Log Out or Add Another Account

You may log out or add your other Instagram accounts by tapping .

  • Tap “Log Out” or “Add New Account”.

How to Use Instrack

For users who are using the app for free, you can use these tabs to manage your Instagram account.


1. Schedule your posts by tapping.

2. Upload your photo or video by tapping the “+” button.


  • You may tap “Take a Picture” or upload from your gallery with “Photos Library”.

  • Tap “Ok” to allow InsTrack to access your gallery.

  • If you choose “Take a Picture”, your camera will be activated. Tap Use Photo if you’re satisfied with your shot. You can also tap “Retake” to take another shot.

3. After uploading your photo, write your caption and add Hashtags! The app will also suggest the hashtags you commonly use.

4. Choose “BEST TIMES” to upload your post and tap.

  • In case you change your mind, you can tap on the photo you scheduled and “Delete”, “Publish Now”, or “Mark as Published”.



1. Tap  to check the latest posts of specific feeds.

2. Tap on the “+” button and type your “Feed Name”. Next, tap “Add Feed”.

  • Tap on the empty thumbnail to add hashtags.

3. Add hashtags by Tapping “+” button.

4. Type your hashtag in the search box.

  • The #hashtags included in your feed will be shown.

5. Your feeds will be in a thumbnail. Tap on your customized feed and check out the posts related to it.

Featured Users

1. Add influential and famous Instagram users by tapping.

2. Choose Instagram users on the list and it will redirect you to their Instagram account.

3. Follow them on Instagram by tapping the “Follow” button.


1. Tap to track how popular a hashtag is.

2. Tap the “+” button to add a hashtag.

3. Type in the search box the hashtag you are looking for and it will show a list of related hashtags.

  • You can also choose from the list of suggestions.

4. You will see the hashtags you have chosen, along with the total posts made by Instagram users with those hashtags.


1. Check your accounts by tapping.

2. On your Accounts page, you will see the summary of your every account’s activities.

3. Tap your account’s tab.

4. Tap Show Profile to see your Instagram profile.

  • This is how your profile looks like on InsTrack.


1. Tapto know the trend of the number of people who followed you and the people you follow.

2.  On the “Audience” page, the graph in blue shows the number of followers you have while the green shows the number of people you follow.


  • Tap on the tabs below the “Following History” graph to show the trend by Hours, Day, Week, Month, Year, and All.


Upgrade to Premium

For more access, spare some change to upgrade the app into premium. In the premium account, you will be able to open the other tabs. You can see your media ranks and analysis to better strategize your postings and #hashtags. You’ll also get to view the comments you get and know the trends of your engagements with your followers. Lastly, you can check your weekly ranks. Getting more information can get your account and posts reach more people.

Monitor your Instagram activities!

Businesses and social media influencers need to know the trends of followers on Instagram. With InsTrack, you won’t need to stay in just one place to manage your Instagram account. You can start monitoring your Instagram account, know the famous hashtags, and schedule your postings on your phone wherever you are and whenever you feel like doing it!

With InsTrack, you will definitely thrive and make your way to the top! Instagram can really be a great platform to make your business succeed, so it’s important that you know how to maximize it and use it in the best ways possible!