Do you love reading but you don’t really have enough time to finish long stories? Try out chat and text stories and read like you’re just chatting with the characters themselves! Install the Lure app and spend your short breaks waiting for characters’ replies!


Lure - Read Chat Fiction

Lure – Read Chat Fiction
 Developed by: RepresentLY, LLC

Get Lured!

Let the Lure app lure you into its addicting and interesting chat fiction stories! Launch the app and start reading right away!

1. Select “Romance”.

  • You may choose “Horror” if you’re in for some screams!

2. Tap to view the image.

  • Subscribe to view photos and access the app’s premium features! To continue using the app for free, press the X button.

3. Tap anywhere to continue reading.

4. Wait for the next episode!

Explore Lure

With Lure’s user-friendly interface, you will not have to struggle to find all the interesting stories! Get to know the app’s tabs and navigate through different categories and genres!


In the Home tab, you will find stories sorted into the following categories: Recently Added, Trending Stories, and Staff Picks. There’s also the Featured stories for you to swipe through and read. Find your favorite stories now!


In the mood for some romance? What about horror? Check out the Categories tab to find stories according to genres! Hit the View” button to take a look at the stories listed under the category.


Want to see which stories you’ve been reading up on? Tap on the Library tab to keep track of or reread your personal favorites! Simply press the “Edit” button to remove books that you want to exclude from your list.


Are you looking for specific titles? Search for that chat fiction and read on! You can also find the titles of Trending stories here!

Read chat fiction!

Lure is the perfect app for a wide reader like you! Take delight in reading through chat fiction stories with this alluring app. Lure has thrilling episodes, so waiting for the next ones is always worth it. Get lured into the excitement and curiosity of reading chat fiction stories with the Lure app!