These days, phones have become a necessity in our lives. We use it to communicate, to work, and even to relax! But sometimes we use our phones too much. It’s time to discipline yourself with Moment- Reduce Screen Time app!



Moment- Reduce Screen Time

Moment- Reduce Screen Time
Developed by : Moment Health Inc.

Start your Digital Purge

Are you ready start living your life without being glued to your phone? All you have to do is open the app and it will run by itself in the background!

1. Launch the app and hit “Next”.

2. Pick the reasons why you want to use the app and tap “Next”.

3. Let the app remind you to put down your phone! Click “Allow Notifications”…

And tap “Allow”.

4. Hit the “Always Allow Location” button…

And select “Always Allow” to let the app track your screen-time.

5. Agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

  • You may enter your email for updates!

6. Hit “Done”.

  • You are now tracking your screen-time!

Track your App Usage

Not sure how long you’ve been on Twitter or Instagram? Moment- Reduce Screen Time app also traces your time on different apps!

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap “Battery”.

3. Hit the “Show Activity” button.

4. Scroll down until all of the apps you’ve used in the last 24 hours fit the screen.

5. Take a screenshot!

  • The app will upload the screenshot to its servers and your app usage will be sent back shortly.

6. You are now tracking your app usage!


See what else is on the app that can help you reduce your phone-gazing hours!

Screen Time

The app lets you know how often and how long you use your phone everyday. The Screen Time page also shows a calendar where you can monitor your progress day by day.


Moment Family

Turn your dinners phone-free with Moment Family! With this feature, you can monitor and limit your family’s use of digital gadgets. Enjoy your personal time with your family members!

Moment Coach

Feel like you need more discipline in staying away from your phone? By subscribing to Moment Coach, you can develop a healthy relationship with your phone through its short daily exercises.

Experience Real Life!

Become aware of how much you use your phone! With Moment- Reduce Screen Time, you’ll learn to stop looking at your phone too often. You won’t even have to keep opening the app! Once you launch it, it will monitor your phone usage in the background. So put your phone down and live your life with Moment-Reduce Screen Time!