Do you have trouble navigating while traveling? Or do you get more wrong turns than not, even when using a map? Worry no more! With Google Maps’ Navigation feature, all you have to do is drive and listen to its easy turn-by-turn guide! Travel safe and hassle-free!


Google Maps - Transit & Food

Google Maps – Transit & Food
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Use Navigation

Need directions to an obscure area? Use Navigation to get turn-by-turn guidance as you travel!

  1. Launch the app and tap “Only While Using the App”.

  • You may select “Always Allow” to give Google Maps access to your location at all times.

     2. Search the location.

  • You may also drop a pin on your destination on the map.

     3. Tap “Directions”.

      4. Choose your mode of transport.

  • Modes of transit: Driving, Public Transport, Walking, Taxi

     5. Tap “Start”.

  • Do you have multiple destinations? Just tap the More button and select “Add Stop”

Choose another location…

And then hit “Done”.

  • You may add as many as nine stops to your trip!
  • You have launched Navigation mode!

     6. Tap the compass to align the map to your point of view.

  • Want an alternate route? Other available routes will appear as gray lines. Just tap a gray line to navigate to a different street!

  • Already familiar with the directions? Just tap “Exit” to stop navigation.

Play Music with Navigation

Going on a long adventure? Google Maps lets you jam to some music while navigating across any landscape, all without having to switch between apps!

  1. Go to the Menu.

     2. Tap the Settings button.

     3. Tap “Navigation”.

     4. Open “Music playback controls”.

    5. Choose a media app.

  • You can now play music while navigating!

Search Along Route

Suddenly out of gas? You can search along the route for places you might need to make quick stops at.

  1. Swipe up and tap “Search along route”.

     2. Enter a keyword.

     3. Hit the first result to see all the places related to your search query!

  • You have searched for locations along your route!

Google Maps Platform

Traveling has never been this convenient! Google Maps’ Navigation feature is perfect for any of your travels, from spontaneous road trips to cross-continent journeys! No more worrying about traffic or taking wrong turns! Stash away your old map now and have a smooth travelling experience!