Have you ever wondered about the stories told in text messages? It’s a cool way to get to know real people like they’re just characters in a book, right? You don’t have to read private messages to read chat and text stories though. All you need to do is install the Yarn app on your phone!


Yarn - Chat & Text Stories

Yarn – Chat & Text Stories
 Developed by: Science Mobile, LLC

Getting Started

Ready to read conversational stories like you’re the one texting and receiving messages yourself? Learn the app’s basics first!

1. Tap anywhere to start.

2. Select a genre.

3. Tap anywhere to start reading!

Read on Yarn

That’s all you need to do to have fun in Yarn! Start reading chat and text stories now!

1. Tap anywhere to start reading!

  • Keep on tapping to continue reading…

2. Tap the image to view.

  • Can’t open images? Subscribe first to unlock photos and unlimited stories! Simply exit to continue reading for free.

3. Wait for the next episode!

Yarn Genres

The Yarn app has a lot of available genres and categories. If one day you’re feeling a bit mushy and you want to read romantic stories, Yarn has it! Horror? Comedy? Find them all here! Add more books to your “In Progress” tab and “Discover” interesting chat stories!


If you’re wondering which Yarn stories are popular to the users, check out the Featured tab and find your personal favorites!


The Marvel category is probably Yarn’s edge. Read stories featuring your favorite Marvel heroes as the protagonists and antagonists!


What’s new? Visit the Recent tab and find new titles and episodes!


Are you in for some laughs? Check out the stories under the Comedy genre!


For the hopeless romantic in you, try the Love tab and fall in love with every story!


Do you want some chat and text stories with videos in between? Go to the Video tab!


Of course, who hasn’t heard about Riverdale? Reimagine Riverdale characters and have fun sneaking into their conversations!


If you’re a fan of SciFi stories, you might be wondering if chat and text stories can pull off the genre. Check out the SciFi tab and live in imaginative concepts!


It won’t hurt to imagine that you’re texting with your celebrity crushes, right? Read stories that involve your favorite Celeb!


How about some Yarn originals? Check out the Ascension tab and get to know the characters of the series!


The Yarn app also has the Steamy genre for sexy stories!


Be on the edge your seat and prepare to scream your heart out! Read suspense stories under the Horror tab!

  • You may search for titles or genres.

  • You may also check the books’ episodes!

  • App update includes new categories and genres.

Chat & text stories

Spend your short breaks on Yarn’s short episodes and finish stories in no time! Yarn’s wide availability of genres, categories, and interesting stories will make you want to keep on reading. Get the Yarn app and collect your favorite chat and text stories!