Instagram is filled with photos that are not only edited to perfection but also with photos that speak volume. If you want to level up your #feedgoals then this simple yet creative app might be the one for you.

Take time and check out this amazing app just for you.

Install AppForType

This app brings photos, fonts, images, and textures together. It has a simple interface that makes editing easier and enjoyable to use.

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AppForType - add text to photo

AppForType – add text to photo
Developed by : Natalia Klemazova

Launch AppForType

1. Tap to launch the app.

2. Allow the app to access your Photos, Camera, and send you Notifications.

3. You can now use the app.

Exploring AppForType

There are five important tabs you need to know before you start using AppForType.


You can snap a new photo to edit by tapping the camera button.


Upload photos from your gallery here.

New Art

New art lets you add other photos and stickers to the photo you are currently editing. You can also change the font of your text.

Add Title

You can create a Title from your own photos and use it as a sticker. The app will give you three free Titles after that, you will have to purchase the next titles.


Buy or download packs that you can use in editing your photos here.

Editing your Photo

You can now edit your photo to your liking and achieve your #feedgoals.

1. Choose a photo.

You can either snap a photo or pick a photo from your library.

You can also select from your latest saved photos.

2. Select the dimension for your photo. You can choose from 1:1, 3:4, 9:16 and 4:13.

3. Choose a sticker.

Tap   if you want to change the color of the stickers, adjust the opacity, or erase some parts.

4. Add Photo.

You can add photos from your gallery to the photo you are currently editing.

5. Select a font.

Add text on your photo. Change your font by purchasing them.


  • Just pick a font, double tap and input the text.

6. Choose a background.

Choose among the background colors from the app.

Share your Photos!

1. Tap the Instagram logo to share your photo.

You can also tap  to save the photo.

2.  Add your caption, tag people and input your own hashtags.


3. Tap “Share” to post your photo.

4. Photo saved and share!

Get Creative with words!

Photos and words have the power to inspire us. They’re the reason why we like reading novels and snapping photos. This app lets us weave words and photos together. Snap a photo, edit and create more stories with AppForType!