Are you tired of using the same old emojis? Have one that looks like you…and make it move! Get this app and express yourself in the most fun way! Time to bid boring conversations goodbye…

Install Emoji Me Animated Faces

Emoji Me lets you create your own avatar! You can send and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other SNS in form of stickers and GIFS.

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Emoji Me Animated Faces

Emoji Me Animated Faces
Developed by : Focused Apps LLC

Create Your Avatar

1. Tap to launch Emoji Me.

2. Choose a starting face.

3. Name your avatar!

4. Tap the camera icon.  


  • You can take a selfie or select a photo from your library for reference.

Personalize your Avatar!

Ready to create another version of yourself? Start personalizing your avatar! Explore the app’s tabs and build yourself.

Face Shape


  • Choose your skin tone, too!

Male Hairstyle


  • Match your avatar’s hair color with yours!

Female Hairstyle



Gotta have some swag? Get yourself some cool highlights!




  • Add eyelashes, resize, and adjust your eyes!

  • Select an eye color.



  • Don’t forget to set your cool eyebrows’ color!


  • To get the makeup packs and tools aside from the available eyeliner and eyeshadow, tap “More” to purchase them!


  • Which shade makes your lips look best? Select and tap!


  • Resize and adjust your nose!


  • How do your ears look like?

Facial Lines

Facial Hair

  • Don’t skip the color!


  • You can even personalize your eyeglasses’ color!


  • Change the colors so they match your outfit!

All done? Hit “Save” and you’re good to go!

  • You have created your own emoji!

Explore Emoji Me

Now that you have your own avatar, you can start exploring the rest of the app!


Swipe left or right to check all available emojis. You can also buy additional emojis!

Search for a specific emotion or occasion and get the right emojis!


Emoji Feed

Other users have cool emojis, too! Discover different styles in this tab!  


Asking for more? Emoji Me’s Store has emoji bundles for you! Purchase them and create more Emojis.


Need a tutorial? Get one in this tab! Rate Emoji Me and find other suggested apps.

Customize before Sharing

Ready to show off your new cool emoji to your friends? Just tweak it a bit more!

1. Tap the emoji that you want to share.

2. Press  “Customize Look”.

  • You can customize your avatar’s clothes before sharing it.

3. Add some text.

You can change the text position, font style, and color.

4. Still want to apply some changes? Tap “Edit Face”!

Share your Emoji!

Ready when you are! Make your friends giggle with your personalized emoji…

1. Tap “Send Sticker”.

2. You can also  “Save” your favorite emojis.


3. Select an SNS and send!

You have shared your emoji!

Click to open GIF!

Click to open GIF!

Click to open GIF!

Animate Me!

Be extra when it comes to expressing yourself on Social Media! Communicate with your friends with fun animated emojis and have the best conversations. Be witty and creative! Emojis have already gone a long way and you deserve to have one that perfectly shows your emotions. Spice up your emoji library with Emoji Me!