When you first held your phone after you bought it, what was the first thing you did? Maybe you set your wallpaper, saved your contacts, or set passwords. But you surely chose your ringtones, didn’t you? Great news… You can get customized ringtones in the TUUNES app! If you have that all-time favorite song, you can certainly set it as your message, call, or alarm tone.

Install TUUNES Ringtones for iPhone

Tuunes is the ultimate ringtones store. It offers the largest library of ringtones, including licensed tones from top artists and popular ringtones producers worldwide!

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TUUNES Ringtones for iPhone

TUUNES Ringtones for iPhone
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Open your Ringtones Store!

  1. Tap  to open the app.
  2. Read about TUUNES Premium!

  • Tap “Skip. I don’t want 10 free ringtones now…” to continue using TUUNES for free.
  1. Welcome to TUUNES!

  • Tap the arrow to continue.
  1. TUUNES will show you around. Tap the left or right arrow to browse.


  • TUUNES have the #1 Hits, new releases daily, a wide array of genres, and the top audio quality!


  1. Press “Allow” to let Tuunes send you updates!

Let TUUNES hear about you!

  1. From the Home page, go to the “More” tab.

  1. Select  “My Account”.

  1. Select “Facebook”.

  • You may log in to TUUNES using your mobile number or email address.
  1. Tap “Continue” to allow TUUNES to sign you in using your Facebook account.

  1. Enter the necessary details.

  1. Press “Save Changes” when you’re done.


Learn more about TUUNES by exploring its main tabs. Find everything you need for your personal ringtone!

Go Around TUUNES


We all have different tastes when it comes to music genres. To easily find your favorite songs, search them by their genres! You might even discover more while browsing.

All Ringtones

Of course, TUUNES has already prepared everything for you. Find different genres for all types of ringtones.


Looking for a unique notification ringtone? Available genres are ready for you too!


If you need something to wake you up, check the “Alarms” tab and see all the available genres for your alarm tone.

Coin Boost

TUUNES can entertain you with their Coin Boost feature! Earn coins by watching ads. Just hit “Yes, let’s go”.

Congratulations! You earned 30 coins in just a few seconds.


And you unlocked a new level! That means more free ringtones…


In the Home page, you can find almost everything that you need to try out. Free ringtones, Trending, Editor’s Picks, Notifications, and more! Listen to them and find your favorites.


See what’s featured by pressing the “Featured” button.


Wanna grab what’s currently hot? View the “Top” section!

Hot Today

Tuunes is not just a ringtone store. It also helps you catch up with the latest music trends. Ringtones store and music chart in one!

My Favorites

When you start listening to the tunes, you’ll probably have your own favorites. Yes, you can save them so you won’t have to search every time! Simply tap the Favorite button…


And in no time, you’ll find it in the tab!


Can’t seem to find what you’re looking for in the categories? Just search for it instead! Type a keyword or a song title…


And quickly find it in the results!  



This tab has the settings. If you want to write a review of the app, learn how to set a ringtone, or get some customer service, this is where you should be! You can even request an artist or vlogger to make a ringtone in TUUNES!


Request a Tuuner

Can you imagine using a ringtone that your favorite singer created? Challenge your idols to work with TUUNES through this app’s special feature!

  1. Press “Request a TUUNER”.

      2. Type the name of the artist.

  1. Hit “Yeah!”

  1. Share your request on social media.

  1. Tweet it!


  • You have shared your thoughts online!

Set your tune!

Have you found your favorite TV series’ soundtrack? Time to set it your ringtone! Just download the ringtone, transfer it to your device through iTunes, and then get your phone ringing!

Download your tones

  1. Tap “Set Free” or “Set Tuune”.

  1. You have downloaded the ringtone! Press “OK”.

Transfer your tones through iTunes

  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Launch iTunes and press the Phone icon.

  1.  Go to “File Sharing”.

  1. Find Tuunes.

  1. Select your downloaded ringtones.

  1. Drag them to your desktop.


  1. Tap “Tones”.

  1. Drag the ringtones back to the “Tones”.

  • All set! You may now disconnect your phone from your computer.

Set your new phone ringtone

  1. Go to your phone’s “Settings”.

  1. Press “Sounds”.

  1. Choose which sounds you want to change.
  • You may use your TUUNES ringtones as a Ringtone, Text Tone, New Voicemail, New Mail, Sent Mail, and other notifications.

  • You will find your new ringtones from TUUNES!

  1. Select your new ringtone.

  • You have set a new ringtone!

Swoon to the tune! 

What better way to start your day than to wake up to your favorite song? Receive calls and messages from your friends with the coolest ringtones! With TUUNES, you can listen to the latest hits and personalize your phone’s ringtones. And don’t forget to listen to as many tones as you can and earn coins. Get everything you want and swoon to the tune with TUUNES!