If there’s one thing the youth has to learn more about, it’s “period”. It differs from one female to another, but it’s the same thing in general! It’s important to discuss the menstrual cycle, especially when you’re educating the youth. Something is happening in your body and you should definitely listen to it!

Do you want to understand your menstrual cycle even better? Check out these top period tracker apps online and get to know your own “period”. Track your first and last menstrual days, observe your cravings and mood, and be extra ready for that time of the month!

1. Flo


 Developed by: FLO HEALTH, INC.

Sleek and user-friendly design

Getting your period is often stressful enough, so you don’t need an app that confuses you! Flo’s design is calming and easy to understand. Since the main goal is to track your period, the necessary details will be what you see first. If you want to further explore the app, simply navigate through it. You’ll never lose your way around!

Machine learning AI system

You don’t want to drown in data, especially when you can’t figure them out! You want to get to know your body, so you need something that’s simple and comprehensible. Flo’s AI system displays information that you provide. Just record your mood, symptoms, cravings, and anything that you feel like tracking, and Flo will organize them for your own understanding!

2. Clue


 Developed by: BioWink GmbH

Sophisticated, gender-neutral design

Flowers, butterflies, and other euphemisms. These are common things that you encounter when it comes to menstruation. Well, they’re not entirely bad, but Clue aims stand out as a “gender-neutral” app. Empowering, right? The app’s simple design allows you to understand what’s going on in your body without other unnecessary factors. If you’re not in the mood for some mushy, cute stuff, Clue gets you!

Latest Scientific Information

Clue is partners with Oxford, Standford, and Columbia medical facilities, so if you have some questions about your menstruation, you will find everything you need in the app! To better understand your menstruation and cycle, these reliable sources have defined and summarized the information you need. Why are you bleeding? Why do you need to record your mood? What do your discharges mean? Clue will give you more than just clues!

3. Period Tracker by GP Apps

Period Tracker by GP Apps

Period Tracker by GP Apps
 Developed by: GP Apps

Easy-to-follow interface

For the youth, menstruation is the beginning of adulthood. The first time is the most exciting and curious stage, so it’s important to be educated—not intimidated! Period Tracker by GP Apps’s design is fun, complete with simple and artsy guides. Users of this app, especially the youth, do not need to stress over information. Tracking your period will not feel like a task at all!

Easy-to-read charts

Since you do not want to be intimidated, Period Tracker by GP Apps will create user-friendly charts and graphs. All you need to do is input the information, and the app will present them to you in the simplest way possible. Understanding your body doesn’t need to be complicated even the slightest bit!

4. Period Tracker Period Calendar

Period Tracker Period Calendar

Period Tracker Period Calendar


If you’re up for pretty, artsy, and adorable period trackers, Period Tracker Period Calendar is the one for you. If you feel “pink” on the first day of your cycle and “blue” on the next, find the perfect theme and customize your own period tracker! You can even choose a pet. Can this app get any more charming?

Medicine tracking & reminders

Period Tracker Period Calendar’s edge is probably its medicine tracking feature. The app prioritizes the medicines that you take, aside from your cycle. Of course, your pills are important too! With this app, you’ll never miss anything. Just make sure you allow it to notify you accordingly!

5. Eve


 Developed by: Glow

Brilliant design & fun interface

Your cycle can be the most stressful days of the month… so it’s also the perfect time to relax! Eve changes the way you see and feel about menstruation with its design. It’s very informative yet playful, making your period as interesting as it should be. Learning your body and cycle can be amusing and liberating with Eve!

Daily quizzes & tips

There’s a community in Eve and they’re asking the same questions as you are! Users of the app from all over the world relate to you, and you can definitely interact with them. Answer daily quizzes and read tips about your cycle. You can help other women with your own experiences too!

It’s that time of the month!

Period tracker apps are very much convenient, especially for the modern woman. Educating yourself about your menstruation will help you get to know yourself and your body better. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or practicing safe sex, these top period tracker apps will guide you around womanhood!

If you’re not up for information overload and you just want to keep calm during your period, Flo is your best friend. This app can do a lot, but it also maintains simplicity. You can always start with the basics: start and end dates of your cycle. And when you want to further customize your material, record your mood, symptoms, and other information. Flo will keep them organized for you!

Not a fan of butterflies, flowers, and anything playful? Clue will empower you during your period with its “empathetic and positive” design. The app is informative and straightforward, and you will be aided with facts from reliable sources! Clue focuses on your body and your menstruation. What more can you look for?

Period Tracker by GP Apps is perfect for the young girls who are still figuring out what menstruation really is. The app’s interface is not intimidating at all, and users can have fun inputting and understanding different records and information. No scary graphs or confusing charts!

If you like changing themes every now and then, you can do so with Period Tracker Period Calendar. This period tracker has themes and “pets” for free, and it certainly makes your tracking experience personalized. Also, you will never miss any reminder. This app will notify you of your medicines, period, and fertility. Trust the app of your reminders, and it will never fail you!

Keeping it playful and fun? Eve’s amusing design liberates you and makes your period tracking experience lively. And of course, who can help women regarding menstruation best? Other women! Eve’s community allows you to share your own experiences, as well as learning from others’.

When it’s that time of the month, there’s no need to feel stressed. Tell your trusted period tracking apps your emotions, cravings, and observations on your body, and you get to understand your cycle better! Get the best period tracking app, be ready for your next cycle, and know how you can take care of yourself.