Podcasts through the years have been on demand. You can listen to it anytime, and anywhere. With all these amazing podcasts out in the world wide web, there are podcasts apps that will make you listen, relax and have fun. Take a look at the apps below and know the best podcast app for you.


Spotify is not just a music streaming service that gives you access to millions of amazing hits. With just having a Spotify account, you can also listen to thousands of different podcasts. From comedy to lifestyle, sports, new and many more.

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Spotify Music

Spotify Music
Developed by : Spotify Ltd.

Listen to Podcast Offline

If you’re going to a place where the internet connection isn’t stable, then you’ll love what Spotify has to offer. Whether you are a premium user or not, you can download the podcast and be on the go.

Follow Podcasts

If you like what you’re listening, you can always follow the podcast channel. This will help you find the podcast you like easily. Just tap the heart icon!

Different Genres and Categories

Choose from Sports, Comedy, Horror, Suspense, and Life Style. The app has still more to choose from.


Overcast is one of the best podcast apps out there. The app offers not only a simple user interface but it also offers tons of amazing features that make the Overcast experience a memorable one.

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Developed by : Overcast Radio, LLC

Smart Speed

Overcast might be the first app that introduced the Smart Speed feature. It eliminates the silence without any distortion. Instead of applying a 2x speed increase across the whole episode, Smart Speed would speed through the pauses and silences while keeping the easy listening experience. And it also cuts down the listening time. Gives you more time to listen to other podcasts for the day!

Voice Boost

This amazing feature normalizes the voice volume and it makes the show easier to listen to especially in a noisy situation.

Smart Speed and Voice Boost works hand in hand.

Twitter Recommendations

This is one of the features that every Overcast user loves. Found in the Overcast directory, you can see recommendations from the people you follow on the Twitter. This will help you find a new podcast to binge listens to.


Stitcher is like a personalized radio service that will let you make a playlist for your podcasts and gives you recommendations based on the shows that you’re currently listening.

Stitcher offers a premium version, that will get rid of ads and it gives you access to more content. But what the free versions offer should meet your basic needs and will still let you control your podcasts.

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Stitcher for Podcasts

Stitcher for Podcasts
Developed by : Stitcher, Inc.

Mark Episodes

This feature will help you track the podcast episodes you have already listened to on Stitcher.

Timer Feature

Stitcher has a sleep timer feature that you can use to keep your battery from draining. The sleep timer ranges from 15 minutes to two hours. Or you can even set the time to turn off at the end of an episode.

Automatic Action every time Stitcher is launched

This feature lets you set the first thing you’re going to see once you launch the app. You can even auto-play the podcast as well! It will help you save a few extra taps.

Castro Podcast

Castro Podcast or much commonly known as Castro 3. This app might be new for podcasts listeners, but it offers great features that might just get you listening all day.

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Castro Podcasts

Castro Podcasts
Developed by : Supertop Software

Trim Silence

This is a new feature added to Castro Podcast. Unnecessary silence or pauses will be cut out, saving you time while not leaving any of the spoken content out.

Mix to Mono

If you’re one of those listeners that like to use the stereo sound settings, then the Mix to Mono feature is a must. Castro will mix all the audio signals together and routing it through a single audio channel, making it easier for you to hear, regardless of what your audio output will be.

Pre-Podcast Controls

You’ll be able to adjust the setting for each podcast you are currently listening to. This includes how you want to handle the new episodes, playback and many more.


As “The Youtube of Audio”, CastBox is an amazing app that lets you listen to a podcast and also find amazing radio stations that you’ll love.

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Castbox: Free Podcast Player, Radio & Audio Books

Castbox: Free Podcast Player, Radio & Audio Books
Developed by : Guru Network Limited

Radio Stations

Radio not only deliver news and commentary but it also delivers music. And still there are people who like to listen to the radio and be up to date with what’s happening to the world.

And CastBox offers over 60,000 radio station, both online and FM ones.


This amazing widget gives you access to the controls. Adjust the playback, the speed and more.

Playlists and Subscriptions

To keep track with all the podcast you’re listening to, you can create a playlist or even subscribe to the channel. This does not only let you go back to what you’re doing but it also lets you easily find the podcast you had listened to.

Digital Storybook

Podcasts can be a relaxation time for you or keep your adrenaline going. Be updated with stories and be invested with discussions going with your favorite podcast channels.

If you want to have an all in one app, Spotify is the best for you! It does not only offer podcasts, but it also offers great music to you. Being able to listen to podcast offline is already a pretty cool feature.

Want to have the best? Overcast is here. Hailed as the best podcast by many. It’s no wonder that after many years it’s still favored by many. It is the first app that offered Smart Speed and Voice Boost: two features that helped mold other podcast apps’ features. And if you want to check out what the people you follow and those who follow you listen to, you can do it by checking out the Twitter Recommendations.

Get personalized with Stitcher. This is not just another podcast app but what separates it from others is pretty simple. Stitcher lets you track the podcast you’ve already listened to from another podcast app.  It even features a Sleep Timer that will stop the podcast you’re listening to after hitting the timer.

If you’re a big fan of Radio channels, then you’ll love the Mix to Mono option Castro offers. It also lets you set up the controls for the podcast you’re currently listening to, from Trim Silence to autoplay or even auto download.

And lastly, there’s CastBox. Radio stations are still a thing for CastBox, as this app offers local FMs to online Radio stations. Whether you are premium user or not, you have the option to use the Volume Boost and Trim Silence. Not only you can listen to podcasts, but you can also listen to the recent hits and commentaries from radio stations.

With all these Podcast apps out there, the ones from the list are the top choices of podcast fans. Get the app that will let help you listen to awesome podcasts while enjoying your me time. So enjoy your hot coffee and start binge listening to the interesting topics from your favorite podcasts!