What if you need a copy of an old document and you only have a hard copy of it? What if you urgently need copies of your IDs? Going to a computer shop just to scan an old document and IDs is such a bother. That’s why developers made scanning apps to help you with your file management.

Haven’t heard of scanning apps? They turn your phone camera into a scanner and create a file out of your document snaps! Scanning apps are all over the AppStore and Google Play so finding the right one according to your needs is important. Check out the following apps and get to know their special features.



This app is one of the most suggested scanning apps out there. Apparently, this app has almost everything you need for a scanning app. Also, CamScanner has several features that will certainly help you in every occasion!


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Camscanner-Scanner to scan PDF

Camscanner-Scanner to scan PDF

Greeting Card

The app is ready for every occasion, and what better way to celebrate a special day with your loved ones than handwritten letters? Just snap a photo of your letter or even your drawing and turn them into a greeting card.


Camscanner doesn’t just give you PDF or Image copies of your document. It also has a feature that will read through your document and present you a text copy of it.

The recognized text might not be too accurate.


The app is dubbed as a “fast scanning app”. Not only that, the app values the security of your documents! With its simple interface, you surely won’t have a hard time using the app.

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iScanner - PDF Scanner App.

iScanner – PDF Scanner App.
Developed by : BPMobile


If you have a lot of scanned documents saved on your phone, this app will help you secure all of them. You won’t have to worry about others accessing your documents as they are protected with a PIN.



Automatic Border Detection

Some scanning apps give you a hard time just to properly trim the sides of your documents. iScanner saves you the trouble as it automatically cuts those unnecessary borders!


First time using a scanning app? This app is a favorite of many! Scanbot is great for newbies and people handling several documents every day.

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Scanbot Scanner App - Scan PDF

Scanbot Scanner App – Scan PDF
Developed by : doo GmbH

Scanbot Versions

You can actually use the app for free and snap several documents with no limits, but the app offers different versions at different prices. So choose the version that best fits your needs and budget.


Once you open a document, you will see the Markup tab. This tab has a lot of exciting features for you to write on your document like the Pen, Marker, Eraser, Text, and Note.

But the best feature under this tab is the Sign. This feature lets you insert your signature directly onto the digital copy of your document!

Adobe Scan

Yes, you’ve read it right! It is an app made by Adobe. This app also works as a great scanner. Almost everything here is automatic from capturing to saving documents. As soon as you open the app, it will immediately connect to your email account.

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 Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR
Developed by : Adobe



No need to tap to take a photo of your document. Just place your phone properly above the document and the app will automatically scan it!


Once you’ve snapped a photo of your document, the app immediately saves it as PDF!

Adobe Scan saves your scanned documents in the app’s cloud storage. This way, you can save a lot more phone storage!

Tiny Scanner

This scanning app also has a simple interface compared to the other apps in the list. Its features and options will help you improve your scanned files easily.

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Scanner App - Tiny Scanner

Scanner App – Tiny Scanner
Developed by : Appxy



Cropping is a fundamental feature for scanning apps but you can be extra precise with Tiny Scanner! Zoom into the corners of your image to perfectly align and cut out the unnecessary parts of your document

Tiny Scanner’s cropping feature still offers more for its users. With the different document sizes available, all you have to do is tap the one you need for your document.


This app is compatible with many cloud storage apps. There’s a total of six from iCloud Drive to Evernote! No need to go through the long process like downloading the scanned files and then searching for them on your phone to upload them. Just select the cloud storage and upload your scanned documents immediately!


Best Document Scanners for Your Phone

Document scanning apps are now making a scene in the lives of businessmen and students. Having scanning apps right now is already saving so much time to do other things, but these apps also have other features that might help others more in doing things remotely!


CamScanner is one of the most recommended scanning apps with its additional features. The app makes scanning documents an easy task! No need to create a layout for your greeting card nor resize your IDs because this app has preset measurements and templates for your documents! On top of that, the app also has an OCR. It will read through your document and give you a text copy. CamScanner truly saves you the time and effort!


Meanwhile, iScanner prioritizes the safety of your documents. It lets you create a PIN for your files, so all your documents are 100% inaccessible to anyone. Also, to save your time trimming those unnecessary sides of your document. iScanner automatically cuts them for you!


If you’re still new in using scanning apps, Scanbot is the right one for you. Though this app may have several features for a newbie in scanning apps, it has tutorials and a great manual. Scanbot also lets you write on your documents and you can even sign them wherever you are! And if you need additional features, the app considers your budget. You can choose among the available versions and select the best one suited to your budget.


Adobe Scan is an overall automatic scanning app. You don’t need to create an account because the app automatically links it to the email account you are using! Speaking of automatic, this app has the auto-capture and auto-save features. Just place your document on any surface and the app will identify and capture it. It also saves your edited scanned document in PDF format and to your cloud storage.


Talk about convenience! Tiny Scanner has simple features. It gives you the freedom to cut unnecessary parts of your documents easily. It gives a close-up when cropping so you’ll avoid cutting the important parts of the document. The app also has several cloud storage apps, unlike the other apps. Your cloud storage app might just be part of the list!


Scanning apps are handy especially if you do not have the time to go to shops or stores for your documents. Find the right scanning app and save time and money! Submit documents on time without spending.