When video equipment temporarily malfunction, the footage appears distorted. Some people find these irregularities aesthetically pleasing and use them for visual effects. If you’re one of these people, you can easily achieve the glitch effect with Enlight Videoleap Video Editor App!


Enlight Videoleap Video Editor

Enlight Videoleap Video Editor
Developed by : Lightricks Ltd.

Add a Glitch Effect!

Make use of digital and analog errors for the perfect aesthetic! Follow these three simple steps to distort your footage with glitch effects:

  1. Tap the Add button.

  1. Go to the “Stock” tab and choose a video.

  • You may also add media from your camera roll.
  • You have added a video to your project!

  • Add as many clips as you want!

  1. Tap “Glitch”.

  • Choose from the available glitch effects!


This effect allows you to obscure areas in your videos to censor subjects or for artistic effect!

  • You may change the effect pattern to Pixels, Hexagons, or Cubes.

  • You can resize and spread the area of effect with the controller.


Traditional computer monitors and televisions use cathode ray tube (CRT) technology to produce images. Apply this visual effect on your videos instantly!

  • Adjust the Intensity, Barrel, and Brightness levels.


Spread and stretch the sides of your video clips with this scan effect!

  • Control the amount of the effect on each side.


This glitch effect makes your video clips appear as if it were engraved with lines!

  • Control the Density, Angle, Negative, Roughness, and Saturation values of the effect!

  • You have added glitch effects!

Save and Share

Keep a copy of your edited video clip and show it off to your friends on SNS!

  1. Tap the Save and Share button.

  1. Choose a video resolution and FPS rate.

  • Resolution: 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K.
  • Frames Per Second: 24, 25, 30, 50, 60.
  1. Tap “Save to Camera Roll”.

  1. Go to your camera roll and tap the video.

  1. Tap the Share button.

  1. Choose “Facebook”.

  • You may also share your video on other SNS.
  1. Enter a caption and then hit “Next”.

  1. Choose your audience and then hit “Share”.

  • You have shared your video on Facebook!

Creative Compositing

Enlight Videoleap Video Editor app brings you instant glitch effects to achieve your favorite aesthetic! Pixelate areas to censor subjects, create an authentic CRT monitor look, stretch and spread screen borders, and etch lines onto your videos. Apply controlled distortions onto your videos with this versatile video-editing app today!