Sometimes, the videos you take have certain scenes that you wish you could emphasize. Like how you should slow down the climax of an action for a dramatic effect. With the professional video-editing tools on iMovie, you can easily achieve those breathtaking videos!



Developed by : Apple

Slow Down!

Highlight the best parts of your video with slow-motion effects…

  1. Create a new movie project.

  1. Create a movie with your selected video.

Tap “Create Movie.

  1. Pinch your video for precise editing.

  1. Add marks to your video.

  • The markers will appear based on the position of your video against the white timeline.
  • You have added a marker!

  1. Select the section between the marks you’ve made.

  1. Slow it down!

  • You have slowed down your video!

Save Your Video

Be sure to keep a high-quality copy of your slow-mo video!

  1. Tap “Done”.

  1. Tap the “Save” button.

  1. Save the video to your library.

  1. Choose an export size.

  1. You have saved your slow motion video!

Mobile Movie Magic!

Enhance your videos and heighten their magic! iMovie brings you the simplest and most effective way to slow down scenes of your videos to create compelling effects. The stories you tell with your videos will truly captivate your audience. Make movie magic with iMovie today!