Have you ever wanted to edit your Instagram or Snapchat stories before sharing them? Make magic with iMovie! With simple and professional video-editing tools at your disposal, you can make high-quality vertical videos for your stories quickly!



Developed by : Apple

Straighten Up!

You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to make a vertical video…

  1. Create a new movie project.

  1. Create a movie with your selected video.

  1. Tap your scene to reveal the editing tools.

  • Select the zoom button

  1. Pinch your video inward.

  1. Your video is vertical!

Save your Video

Keep a high quality copy of your vertical video!

  1. Save your video.

  1. Select an export size.

  • You have saved your video to your library.

Share your Video as an Instagram Story!

Don’t worry about the black borders around your video! Apps that support vertical-viewing like Instagram and Snapchat will automatically adjust once you upload your vertical videos.

  1. Tap the Camera icon.

  1. Swipe up your camera screen.

Select your video.

  1. Tap “Your Story”.

  • You have shared your vertical video on Instagram!

Mobile Movie Magic!

With a versatile video-editing app already in your iPhone, you can enhance your videos before sharing them with your friends. Once your friends watch your Instagram or Snapchat stories, they will surely be surprised at its high quality. They’ll get even more surprised once they learn how easily you achieved that! Spread the movie magic of iMovie!