YouTube has thousands upon thousands of content creators. Some of them you may already know and like! Subscribing to their channels will help you view their content easier and faster. Follow this guide to be updated on your favorite YouTubers!

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1. Tap  to open YouTube.

2. Search for your favorite creators by tapping on the Search button.


3. Type down the channel name or the creator’s name you would like to subscribe to.


4. YouTube will suggest different existing playlists, creators, and videos. Scroll down till you find the channel, then tap “Subscribe”.


5. Tap “Turn on” to enable notifications.


6. You will be redirected to Settings. Select “Notifications”.


7. “Allow Notifications” by sliding the switch to the right.


8. You will be returned to the YouTube app. You can change the notification settings by tapping the bell icon.


9. Choose your preferred frequency of notifications. You can pick between all, occasional or none. Then, tap “OK”.




Be Updated!

Subscribing is a convenient way for you to keep track of your favorite channels and creators. Go ahead, subscribe, and don’t miss out on all the fun!