Nothing can beat GIFs as a tool for conversations. Express yourself using the perfect GIFs and you and your friends will absolutely relate with each other! But what if you had the chance to personalize them? With the Motion Stills app, you can turn your live photos into your own perfect GIFs!


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Motion Stills - GIF, Collage

Motion Stills – GIF, Collage
 Developed by: Google LLC

Turn your live photos into GIFs and then send them to your best friends. This is the start of an endless conversation!

1. Capture a live photo.

2. Customize your live photo.

3. Press the Export button.

4. Select “Send GIF”.

5. Choose Messenger.

  • You may also select other SNS.

6. Choose a friend from the list.

  • Or you can also search for a friend’s name!

7. Write a message.

8. Hit “Send”!

  • You have turned your live photo into a GIF!

GIF & Collage App

Make your conversations with your friends a bit extra. Exchange GIFs that you captured yourself and take your messages to a whole new level! This is just one of the many features that the Motion Stills app offers. Capture your memories and keep them creative and personal. Capture a live photo and share it as a GIF!