It’s amazing to be the star of your own show. And it’s much more amazing when people actually watch it. Well, you’ve come at the right time! Facebook launched a live movie maker for you—Facebook Live.

Wanna let the world know what you’re doing? Or where you’re going? Facebook Live can let you broadcast whatever you’d like to show to your friends. You can instantly know who views and reacts to your video. Instant viewers and rates!

Shoot your first show on Facebook Live through these easy steps:

Find and Prepare Facebook Live

  1. Tap   to open the app.
  1. Tap “Live” on the lower right side of the Create Post box .

  1. Facebook will need to access your camera and microphone. Tap “OK”.


  1. Of course, you can choose your audience. Do it by adjusting your privacy settings.


  1. Add a description so your “fans” will know what your show will be about and then tap “Done”.

  1. Do you have special guests? Tag your friends!


  1. Give out a little more clue on what your live show will be about by adding an activity!

  1. Turn your location on so viewers will know where you are.

  1. Front cam or back cam? Set up your camera view!

  1. You may add filters to make your live video look even cuter and more fun!

  1. Lastly, you may invite some friends to join your broadcast!

You’re Live! 

All set! Your show will start in a while and your viewers are waiting! In 3, 2, 1…

  1. Tap “Start Live Video”.

  1. Interact with your viewers by replying or reacting to their comments!

      3. Show’s over? Tap “Finish” to end your broadcast.

Save your video! 

You definitely have to save your live video after it ends. Why? Because this is your show and every video is an episode!

  • You can post your video as a “My Day” story for 24 hours.

  • Or you can also post it on your timeline.

  • If you want to watch it again anytime, save it to your camera roll.

Lights, camera, action!

Did you have fun having your first broadcast? Your life can be a movie now and you are the star. Definitely no restrictions! You can even be your own director…

Never mind the cost of production and everything else. All you need are your phone and a stable internet connection. Go Live now and let the world know what you’re up to!