Have you ever wanted to produce a box-office hit? You will have to be familiar with the stages of film production to achieve the cinematic masterpiece of your dreams! There’s no better way to learn the movie-making process than turning your home videos into a feature film.

Filmmaker Pro can help you with that! Trim the best parts of your video clips, blend them together with neat transitions, and insert dynamic animations. This is the best video-editing app with all the essential features you need for your movie and more. Dive into the world of professional filmmaking with Filmmaker Pro!


Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro Video Editor
Developed by : Samer Azzam

Cut and Splice Videos!

Filmmaker Pro has the essential cutting tools as any other quality video-editing app, but with its stylish landscape interface, you can edit more precisely! The tools are well-organized, so you can easily trim your scenes to set the beginning and end, cut out segments of your videos, and split scenes to edit portions separately! Take a peek at how you can make use of the app’s cutting tools with this video:

Want to learn more about the cutting tools of Filmmaker Pro? Check out this link:

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Animated Text!

This is the easiest way to overlay text on your videos! Filmmaker Pro allows you to add text with a single tap. Edit your captions with stylish font faces and radiant colors. You can even bend and curve your text! For more action, you can make your text boxes fly into the scene with amazing text effects. Take a look at this video to see what you can do with text animations:

Check out this link to get an in-depth look at the text effects of Filmmaker Pro:

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Give your videos artistic touches with the many illustrations available on Filmmaker Pro! The app has ten different categories full of cute stickers you can insert into your videos. You can also choose from stylish labels that feature several holidays. Even more, you can draw on your videos yourself! Check out the effects that this artistic tool can help you create:

Start making video art! Check out this link:

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Slow Motion Videos

Enhance the exciting scenes of your video by slowing down the best parts! Slow motion adds drama to your clips and you can easily achieve that effect with Filmmaker Pro. With a tab dedicated to playback speed, you can reduce the speed of your videos down to an eighth by simply dragging a slider! Check out how you can utilize this effect:

Learn how to quickly and easily make slow motion videos with this link:

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Reverse Videos!

Filmmaker Pro makes it easy to play your videos in reverse! Other video-editing apps may have this feature on their desktop version, but Filmmaker Pro gives you mobile access to the tool you have been looking for! Just as every other feature of this incredible app, you can achieve the reverse effect you want by pressing a single button. Want an idea on how to feature this effect? Check out this video:

Ready to create fun reverse videos? Check out this link:

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Portable Film Production

You have the power of a whole movie studio when you edit with Filmmaker Pro Video Editor. Get access to a wide array of cutting tools and amazing text effects. Insert videos into each other to play them simultaneously. Edit your clips to play them in slow motion or reverse. You can do all this and more with a single video-editing app. Edit your videos on the go with Filmmaker Pro!