Are you always on the go? And you don’t have enough time to edit your epic video? Don’t let your busy life take your passion for video editing to go! There’s an app that lets you create great videos even when you’re traveling. You don’t have to worry about bulky laptops or even rush to go home after a tiring day at work. Magisto is the right video editing app for you.

Install Magisto

Magisto is a Smart Video Editor that will let you create amazing videos in a matter of minutes. It’s perfect for sharing on your social media and perfect for people who are always on the go. With the help of an AI, this app will edit a video that you’ll love.

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Magisto - Video Editor & Maker

Magisto – Video Editor & Maker
Developed by : Magisto Ltd

Create an Account

1. Tap to launch Magisto.

2. Sign up using your Facebook account.

  • You can also sign up using your Gmail account, other email address or “Explore as guest” to use the app.

3. Tap Continue to allow Magisto to connect with Facebook.

4. Press “Continue as [name]”.

5. Fill out the necessary fields.

  • Tap “Create account”.

6. Allow Magisto to access your photos and videos.

7. Tap “X” to explore Magisto first.

  • Or you can start your 7 days free trial.
  • Like what premium offers? Get premium to use additional templates, and download your videos in HD.

Exploring Magisto

There are five important tabs you need to explore before you edit your first video.


You can edit your profile in this tab. Change your profile picture and check out your followers here.  

Gear Icon

You can change your settings, and even get an upgrade or contact support.


My Albums

You can create new albums for the videos you’ve edited here.



Just tap the plus sign to start creating your video.


Check out the different channels available, collections and creations by the other users here.


If you want to see the latest creations made by other users, this tab will let you view all of them to keep you motivated!

Edit your Video!

1. Tap the plus sign.

2. Press “Make a new video”.

  • For “Start with a template”, you need to upgrade your account to premium before you can use this.

3. Select an editing style.

4. Choose up to 10 photos and videos.

  • Tap “Next” after choosing your photos or videos.

5. Select a soundtrack.

Scroll through the music files and choose the one that fits your video perfectly.

  • You can also filter through the soundtracks. From Classical, Jazz, Pop, Hip-hop and many more.

  • Or you can upload your own music to use.

6. Add a title.


7. Change the movie length.

By adjusting the bar, you can change the movie’s length from Short(15 secs), Medium(30 secs), Long (2 mins and 30 secs).

  • If you want to change your photos or videos, the editing style and soundtrack can be changed here.

8. If you’re all set, tap “Make my movie!”.

  • Wait for a few minutes to let Magisto do its magic.

9. After the video is processed, watch the video by tapping Play.

Click to open GIF!

Save and Share your Video!

After your video is processed, you can now save and share your video!

Save your Video!

1. Tap “Save”.

  • If you want to change something on your video just choose “Edit movie”.


2. Save your video.

You can save your video on your public timeline or in an album. Or you can save it in both.

  • Tap “Done” after picking the location where your video would be saved.

Note: Only premium users can download the video.

Share your Video!

1. After saving your video, choose a social media app.

2. Write a caption.

3. Tap “Post”!

Check out your shared video!

AI Magic!

There’s nothing wrong with a little help, especially if it’s AI magic! Magisto will really help you edit your videos without taking too much out of your precious time. With just a few taps and a few minutes you already have a fully edited video on your phone. So don’t let your busy schedule take away your need to share amazing videos, go out, record and let the AI magic handle the rest!