When you make a lot of great memories, you will really want to keep them and then share them with other people. Photos, videos, and favorite songs? Always remember your best memories by creating a photo slideshow with the MoShow app!

Compile your photos and select a slideshow style. To make things even more memorable, add the perfect background music and then share them with your friends. Make the best photo slideshows and never let a memory slip by!


MoShow - Photo Slideshow Maker App

MoShow – Photo Slideshow Maker App
 Developed by: Picadelic

Add Photos and Choose a Style

Start off by choosing your favorite photos and then select a great slideshow style!


2. Select your photos and then press “Add”.

3. Select your style!

  • Swipe to view more categories!

  • Found a style you love? Press the Heart button to add it to your Favorites!

Edit your Slideshow

Ready to be hands-on with your first MoShow photo slideshow? Be creative without having a hard time!


1. Add a title to your photo.

2. Crop your photo.

3. Adjust your photo’s duration.

  • You may delete a photo that you want to exclude from the slideshow.

  • Oops! If you’re using MoShow for free, you are only allowed to include up to 8 photos in your slideshow. Check out MoShow VIP!


1. Rearrange your photos by pressing the Up or Down arrows.

2. Duplicate your photo!

  • You may delete a photo that you want to exclude from the slideshow.

3. Press “Done”.

  • Is there something you missed? Simply press the “Add” tab and select the photos that you want to add.

Add Music

Top it off with the perfect background music! Express how great your memories are by adding the most fitting music to your slideshow.

1. Swipe to view all the categories.

2. Tap a track that you want to use!

Adjust Video Settings

You’re down to the finishing touches. Choose your video format and you’re good to go!

1. Choose a Video Format.

2. Adjust other available settings.

3. Press “Save”.

  • You have saved your MoShow photo slideshow!

Share your Photo Slideshow!

And you’re done! Time to share your masterpiece with your friends online.

1. Press “Instagram”.

  • You may also share to other SNS.

2. Choose “Feed”.

3. Tap “Next”.

4. Apply a filter!

5. Select a cover.

6. Hit “Next”.

7. Type a caption!

  • Don’t forget that you can tag your friends, add a location, and toggle the Post buttons for other SNS!

8. Press “Share”.

  • You have posted your MoShow photo slideshow!

Explore MoShow

MoShow has got to be one of the simplest and most user-friendly photo slideshow maker apps online. Get to know the app and see how you can maximize your creativity with its features!


MoShow’s slideshow styles are incredibly stunning and playful. They perfectly match your great memories! See the Featured Style and maybe you will want to use it for your own project.

Make a MoShow

Make as many beautiful photo slideshows as you can! Of course, you will never run out of unforgettable memories, so make sure you keep them in a very creative way.


Excited to have your own collection of photo slideshows? Save them so you can view them anytime you want! You can even edit old projects and make them even better.

Photo Slideshow Maker App

Photo slideshows are classic, especially for sentimental and creative people like you. Keep on creating great memories and take trips down memory lane. Reminisce with your loved ones while fueling your creativity with MoShow – Photo Slideshow Maker!