You’ve surely heard of Live Photos before, haven’t you? Photos become more exciting when you are able to capture even just a bit of the movement! To make things even better, Google develops the Motion Stills app so you can take as many live photos as you can… with the best quality!

Live photos to GIFs to collages? Make your photos come alive with Motion Stills!


Motion Stills - GIF, Collage

Motion Stills – GIF, Collage
 Developed by: Google LLC

Live photos are what’s “in” these days, so make as many as you can with this app! “Record” a few seconds of your photo and witness the actions when you press and hold. You can even set the live photo as your phone wallpaper, and you can have way cooler screensavers!


Click to view live photo!

Learn how to create live photos with Motion Stills:

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Live photos turning into GIFs? What more can you ask for? GIFs have also become one of the best ways to express yourself online. When you talk with your friends or share about your day, there will always be that perfect GIF. Why not make your own GIFs?


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Turn your live photos into GIFs:

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Video Collage

Motion Stills has more than live photos and GIFs to offer. You can also create cool video collages that you can share online! Your days are made of exciting moments, so sum them up in one frame.

Create a Video Collage on Motion Stills:

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Do you think the app stops there? Definitely not! You can use it as a means to create short movies, too! Turn your live photo recordings into movie clips and have the app stitch them together.

Try out Motion Stills as your new moviemaker:

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GIF & Collage App

The Motion Stills app is just a must-have! Keep your memories and be creative with them. Save them as live photos, GIFs, video collages, or movies, and Motion Stills will be the only thing you need! Install this GIF and collage app and let its features surprise you!