When you finish a movie or a TV series, you will surely want to watch something else after.  Your “To-Watch” list just doesn’t end! Fortunately, you can easily stream them whenever, wherever. But you want something more personalized, right?

Online media service providers are everywhere, but there has got to be the one that “feels like home”. Haven’t found it yet? Here are three of the best video on demand  service providers that will stream your next favorites:



See What’s Next

Netflix is a popular subscription-based media service provider. Even if it has over a hundred million subscribers, Netflix upped their game and ventured into content-production industry.

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Netflix Originals

If you want a regularly-updated media library, Netflix has thousands of titles for you. Some of their titles include the latest hit movie All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Narcos, Riverdale, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Queer Eye, Black Mirror, and Meteor Garden.


Netflix translated theDuffer Brothers’ Stranger Things subtitles to more or less 20 languages for the worldwide launch. Who would have thought that four kids would take over the world? Another hit blockbuster is Black Mirror. With its ambiguous or sometimes “happy” endings, netizens have gone crazy about this series. In short, Netflix has and makes all the hits you need!


Audio and Video Quality

Netflix streams titles from 1080p to 4k Ultra HD Resolutions plus HDR streaming support. You just need to upgrade to a Premium subscription to avail Ultra HD. You will see even the littlest details clearly! To give the ultimate cinema experience, Netflix streams titles in 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos! Sound effects will surround you from all directions to make you feel like you’re in the scene. Hold your breath for some action!



All Your TV In One Place

Hulu is the only streaming service that offers both ad-supported and commercial-free season shows from broadcast networks.

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Live TV Services

For those who need TV shows, live news, and sports coverage to complete the day, Hulu is definitely the one for you! Hulu Provides online TV services.  More good news? It’s commercial-free and there’s no need to pay for basic cable services! Your family can simultaneously stream on your favorite devices.  

Hulu entered a joint venture with 21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal, and many other channels. Live, on-demand, library content are all made available in one place! Add-ons include HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. You won’t need a separate app to stream Game of Thrones!


Release Dates

Always itching to watch the latest episode of your fave series right after it airs? Hulu saves the day! After the day the latest episode has been released on TV, it will be uploaded on Hulu (terms and conditions apply).  And If you want to watch the latest episodes with zero-ad experience, you can make use of Hulu Premium plan!


Amazon Prime

Watch what you love

The world recognizes Amazon in the online commerce industry. It is like the biggest shopping mall online with more than 100M subscribers. It’s a shop where almost everything can be found, including VOD services!

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Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

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Online Shopping

If you want to shop online while having a movie marathon, try Amazon Prime! It is the new paid subscription service offered by Amazon.

Prime subscription gives you access to Amazon Prime Library, which has vintage films and exclusives from film festivals ready to entertain you. You can buy, rent, or stream movies and TV shows in DVD or Blu.ray. If you can’t choose what to buy, Amazon can recommend some deals for you through their bestsellers list. You can also choose the genre, release decade, actors, directors, and price. The recommendation list will be too long. So, this calls for some window shopping!



Among all the leading VOD service providers, Amazon Prime offers the best services for the best prices. You can even pick your own price! Wanna pay monthly or annually? No hassle. You can pay $13 per month or $119 every year. Make that $59 if you’re eligible for Student discount!

You can stream your movies and shows up to 4k Ultra HD with no extra fees! Amazon Prime lets members enjoy FREE two-day delivery and no-rush shipping, streaming on-demand music and videos, discounts, and Amazon-only services and deals. Enjoy these unique benefits at the lowest possible price!


Where to Watch your Faves

It’s really hard to survive without our favorite movies and TV series nowadays. What else can we do after a long day? Nothing beats a me-time that involves your favorite dessert and your favorite chick flick! Well, a bowl of popcorn and the scariest horror film will do, too.

All these VOD services are undeniably convenient. They keep you updated about what’s new in the film industry, and introduce you to the classic favorites. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are the three best providers out there. And each of them hold different strengths.

Netflix is about the content. Almost all the bests are here! It’s also popular worldwide and users are never deprived of hit series or originals. Yes, Netflix originals usually drive the world crazy! It also leads in the audio and video quality standards. Basically, if you’re all about quality, Netflix is the one for you!

Hulu has its own strengths, too. It’s for those who just can’t take their eyes off the TV. If you can’t wait to watch the next episode of the TV series you’re hooked on, Hulu will air it for you! Don’t wanna miss out on your favorite TV shows? Hulu won’t disappoint you when it comes to release dates. Hulu will be your pocket TV!

Amazon Prime might be your new favorite VOD service provider. You can have the best at the lowest possible cost. Prime is for online shoppers who can’t leave the comfort of home. You can sit pretty on your sofa and choose the next movie you’re gonna purchase. Amazon will deliver the movie on your Prime Video Library! All you have to do is wait for that notification.

It’s hard to choose the best, isn’t it? But focus on your comfort, wants, and budget. You’ll definitely find out which of these three VOD services feels like home. And when you do, every night will be a movie night!