Yes, the vintage filters are back! You don’t need to get your hands on real disposable cameras to fill your Instagram feed with cool, retro photos. Want to know the secret of celebrities like Selena Gomez? The HUJI Cam app is all you need!

Wanna achieve that 90s aesthetic? Install HUJI Cam and get ready to keep up with celebrities’ Instagram #FeedGoals!


Huji Cam

Huji Cam
Developed by : Manhole, Inc.

Vintage Filters on HUJI Cam

Launch the HUJI Cam app, allow access to camera and notifications, and then take as many retro photos as you want!

1. View your subject through the viewfinder.

    • For iOS users, you may also hold the viewfinder to your face and access more tools. For Android users, simply press the viewfinder.

2. Hit the Capture button!

    • Developing…

3. Go to the “Lab”.

    • You have captured a retro photo on HUJI Cam! Tap it to Share, Save, or Delete.

    • The light effects and filters are randomly and automatically applied by the app.

Explore HUJI Cam

Once you launch the app, your device will instantly look like a disposable camera! You will only see four parts on your screen: Viewfinder, Lab, Flash, and Capture button.


Customize your vintage photos! Go to the Lab and then personalize your HUJI Cam Settings!

Change your Date Stamp! Not feeling the ‘98 stamp on your HUJI Cam photos? Adjust the “Date” in the settings.

Month? Date? Year? Set which goes first with the “Format” settings.

More Options! Toggle the “Viewfinder Touch Mode”; “Create “HUJI” album in Photos”; and “Save Location” buttons to activate the features.

Check out the app’s premium features!

Free Vintage Filters & Disposable Camera Effects

Light leaks? Dust and scratches? Discoloration? Your photos can give off all these retro vibes with the HUJI Cam app. Level with your favorite celebrities on Instagram. Make your smartphone your very own disposable camera and take photos like it’s 1998!