Lipsi is the best app for communicating anonymously. When you want to express your thoughts or feelings to someone without wanting to reveal your identity, the app certainly has got your back! But what if you’re at a loss for words? Don’t worry, still get your point across through Lipsi with GIFs!

Send a GIF through Lipsi link

Have you seen someone you admire on social media but you’re too shy to message them directly? Check their profile to see whether they’ve shared their Lipsi link! Through the link, you can send them GIFs anonymously. Just follow these steps:

1. Copy the Lipsi link and paste it into your internet browser.

2. Tap the GIF tab.

3. Type in a keyword and then swipe to choose your GIF.

4. Tap your preferred GIF and then press “Send Message”.

  • You have sent your first GIF message!

Send a GIF through Lipsi app

Do you want to send GIFs in an existing Lipsi conversation? Follow these easy steps:

1. Tap a conversation.

2. Press the “GIF” button.

3. Type in a keyword and press the GIF you want.

  • Voila! You have sent a GIF on Lipsi.

Express with actions!

Anonymously share your thoughts through Lipsi. And to make your conversation even more fun, send GIFs that perfectly express your feelings! When words are just not enough, simply look for the GIF, send, and converse. Express with actions and enjoy your Lipsi experience!