Do you have favorite TikToks that you just can’t stop watching over and over again? Well you can play them on repeat by saving them on your phone. Download TikToks to your media library and watch them even without an Internet connection!

Save a TikTok

As soon as you launch the app, look for your favorite TikToks and follow these easy steps:

  1. Tap the Share button or press and hold the video.

  1. Tap “Save video”.

  1. Wait for the app to save the video.

  • You have saved a TikTok video!

Keep it for later!

When you’ve run out of mobile data and you are far from a decent Internet connection, stay entertained by your favorite TikTok videos! Keep the funniest TikToks you love to watch on repeat by saving them. The app even automatically includes the owner’s handle so you won’t forget your favorite TikTok creators! Save a TikTok now and enjoy it offline!