Have you ever wondered how professional photographers get their pictures to look sleek and polished? Well, they use image manipulation software to harness the untapped potential in their photos. If you have Adobe Lightroom CC app, you can have the same power right in your phone!

Use the app to shoot professional photos with your phone’s camera and then apply instant or manual adjustments and corrections. Utilize the best qualities of your images and take them even further with Adobe Lightroom CC app!


Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC
Developed by : Adobe

Capture Photos

Use your camera phone to take professional photographs with the app! Upgrade your photography experience with special effects you can apply to your live camera view. The images you capture will automatically be added to your Adobe Lightroom gallery for easier access!

Find out how to transform your phone into a professional camera with this link:

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Edit Light Settings

Get inside your photos and tweak the light settings! Instantly brighten your dull photos and make subtle edits to the highlights and shadows. Control the light levels with easy-to-use sliders or use the tone curve graph to adjust the light and dark areas of your pictures!

Wanna make your pictures shine with brilliance? Check out this link to learn how:

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Adjust Image Color

Are the colors of your photos a bit washed out or dull? Use the app’s color correction tools to enhance their brilliance! Instantly create warm or cool images, stabilize intense colors with their opposite hues, and even sample colors from your image to get the perfect color balance.

Check out this link to see how simple gestures can instantly enhance your image colors:

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Add Effects

Adobe Lightroom CC proves to be one of the finest photo-editing applications in the store. With amazing photo-enhancing effects, what more can you ask for? Soften portraits or clarify landscapes, add or reduce smokiness, and darken or lighten the edges of your images instantly!

Explore this feature with this link:

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Fine-Tune Details

A great photo is a lot of small pixels done well. Zoom into your pictures to fix the tiny details that make your images great! Sharpen edges on blurred areas, reduce noise from overly bright photos, and get rid of unsightly splotches of color. Once you enhance the smaller parts, the bigger picture will look even better!

Follow this link to learn how to enhance the finer features of your pictures:

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Mobile Image Management

Turn your mobile phone into a miniature photo-editing suite with the power of Adobe Lightroom CC app! With Lightroom Professional Capture mode, you can get the most out of your phone’s camera. Take your images to the next level with basic and advanced editing tools! Brighten your pictures, apply color temperatures and tints, and add or reduce texture to your images. Bring out the full potential of your photos with Adobe Lightroom CC!