For those who just decided to join the Instagram community—or just looking for a fresh start and some new #aesthetics—creating an account is not really rocket science. Once it is done, there is no stopping you from seeing the world through photos, videos, and stories! Ready for it?

Here’s how:

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1. Launch the app and Sign Up.

Tap   to open the app.

If you already have a Facebook account, you may opt to use it to create your Instagram account. But if you want to use another Email address, click “Sign Up With Phone or Email”.


Choose “Phone” and enter your phone number. Click “Next”.

Enter the code that you received and then click “Next”.


Tap the “Email” tab. Enter your email address, and then click “Next”.

Instagram will ask you to confirm your email address through an email. You may confirm it after creating your Instagram account. Just click “Confirm your email address”.

2. Deciding the new account info.

Enter name.

Create a password.

You may change your password any time after creating an account.
Instagram will welcome you with a username it created for you.

If you prefer a different username, you may change it.

3. Linking another platform’s account.

Instagram will invite you to link your Facebook account to your newly-created Instagram account. You may also sync your contacts and save your login info. But, it is okay to skip these for now!


Click “Add a Photo” when you’re ready to choose a photo that you want to use from your local gallery.

4. Check suggestions.

Instagram will suggest accounts that you may want to follow.

You are now ready to share photos and videos for your own #InstagramFeedGoals!

Enjoy your new account!

Instagram is a great platform for connecting people from around the world. You can give your followers a peek at your wonderful life through photos and videos. You may also update them live through an Instagram Story. Instagram has different features and filters that will add fun to your life.

Of course, life itself is beautiful. Now that you already have a new Instagram account, watch it become even more beautiful!