Do you feel like today is the right time to lose all the extra weight you’ve been gaining these past few months? Then it’s time to push yourself into doing some fitness. Count your steps and monitor you calories with Fitbit and you’ll become a strong and fit person in no time!



Developed by : Fitbit, Inc.

Set Your Goals

Goals are important when you want to get healthy. After all, you need something to aim for while you’re getting into shape!

1. Tap “Set Goals”.

2. Hit “Let’s Go”.

3. Choose your reasons for using Fitbit.

  • Answer this three-step survey to let Fitbit tailor the experience just for you!
  • Hit “Take a Look” when you’re done.


4. Use the “-” and “+” buttons to set your weight goal.

  • Tap “Make this my goal” when you’re happy with the set goal.

5. Add more goals by tapping “Let’s do this”.

  • Set your daily step goal and weekly exercise goal.

  • Hit “Make this my goal” when you’re done setting each goal.

6. Don’t forget your water intake goal!


7. Tap “Looks good” after reviewing your goals.

  • You’ve set your goals!

  • You can edit your goals in the profile tab.  

Start Exercising

It’s time to stop being a couch potato and start moving your body. Train your body to perfection with Fitbit!

1. Select “Track exercise”.

2. Hit the stopwatch button.

  • You can swipe to check your current exercise progress.

3. Hit the “START” button to begin.

  • You can change the type of exercise you’re doing.

  • Use the app’s vocal cues to help you exercise.

  • Want to listen to music while running? Turn on Music Control.

4. Start tracking your exercise!

  • Swipe the screen to view the map.

  • Need to catch your breath? Tap the Pause button to stop the timer.

5. Hold “FINISH” when you’re done.

  • You have tracked your exercise!

Explore Fitbit

There are so many things in the app that can help you reach your fitness goals. Check them out to improve your Fitbit experience!

Female Health

Worried about Mother Nature’s monthly visit affecting your progress? Don’t worry, Fitbit has a Female Health feature that lets you input information about your period. From the intensity to the time span, Fitbit predicts and alerts you of your next monthly flow and fertility cycle. Useful, isn’t it?

Challenges & Adventures

Add a little fun to your exercise routines by taking on challenges and going on adventures! Participate in the given challenges with your family or friends, and see who finishes the challenges first. You can also choose from the given locations to have an adventure in. Don’t forget to bring a friend or two!

Fitbit Coach

Want to do more exercise routines other than just walking and running? Then get even more fit with Fitbit Coach! Gain access to the personalized workouts, from simple cardio to hardcore lifting, by tapping “Explore”.


You don’t have to exercise alone when there’s a whole community out there dedicated to getting fit like you! Engage with Fitbit’s community by sharing your personal exercise experiences and eating regimen. Get inspired by others as you reach for your goals!

Let’s Get Fit!

It can be difficult to exercise when you’ve just started, simply because your body is not used to it. It is best to pace your exercises to the level you can handle. With Fitbit, you can set your daily weight, water, and exercise goals, and then build up from that. Become the fit and healthy person you want to be with Fitbit!