Imagine being able to earn in-game coins just by breeding fish! Facebook Messenger’s Big Fish is a relaxing and charming game that lets you create and race weird-looking fish. No need to get your feet wet for this game!

Fish for the Money

Become a fish tycoon by playing Big Fish! Play the game by following the steps below:

1. Go to the Discover tab.

2. Use the search box to look for the game…

   And hit “Play”.

3. Tap “Play Game”.

4. Select “Play Now”.

  • Challenge your friends by tapping “Play Friendly”.

5. Buy some fish!

  • Tap the fish gallery to buy specific fish.

  • In the Options button, you can find the following: Favorite, Share, and Allow Messages.

6. Drag a fish to its pair to create a new fish.

  • Get rid of some fish by dragging them to the Recycle button.

7. Drag the fish to the starting line to earn coins.

  • Watch a video to earn twice the amount of coin!

  • You have played Big Fish!   

It’s Sink or Swim!

There’s no such thing as losing in Big Fish! You just have to keep on increasing your coin. Be careful though, the fishes will cost higher the more you buy them. Because when you’re earning money, it’s always sink or swim!