Have you always found it fun to connect things? Do you enjoy the idea of connecting dots of the same color? Playdots, Inc. has created a game just for you: Two Dots! Simply connect two or more dots and feel the satisfaction as they collide! While at it, Two Dots also brings you to a whole new world of colors!

Get on board and explore the multiverse Two Dots has to offer!

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Cross the forest, mountains, sea, and outer space with Two Dots! You’re up for an adventure with over a thousand levels of geometric and aesthetic designs. Connect the dots and connect with the world!

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Two Dots

Two Dots
Developed by : Playdots, Inc.

Connect to Facebook

What if you left your iPad at home? Well, if you connect Two Dots to Facebook, you can play across all your devices. And you can view your friends’ progress!

  1. Tap   to open the game app.
  2. Press “Connect”.

  1. Hit “Connect” again to see your friends’ progress, to backup your own progress, and to play across all your devices.

  1. Tap “Continue as [your name]”.

  • Allow Two Dots to use Facebook to sign you in.
  1. Two Dots has been synced to your Facebook account!

Play Two Dots!

Your fingers might be itching to connect the dots already! You can take the Two Dots tutorial as it welcomes you the first time you open the app. Or you can simply sit back and read on how to win the game!

  1. Hit “Start”.

  • You need to connect 15 blue, red, and yellow dots in 20 moves.

  1. Connect two or more matching dots!


  • Connect the dots in a single line, not in a diagonal line.
  • Pro tip: Make a square to gain more points. You can finish the game in a few moves!

  • The star lights as you make brilliant moves. It becomes full when you’re almost done with the level.

  • The Level icon shows your current level and the number of dots you have connected.

  1. What an impeccable execution!

  • Tap “Continue” to proceed to the next level.

Share the Fun!

In Two Dots, you don’t just connect the matching dots. You can also connect with your friends. Share your Two Dots adventure!

  1. Tap the Share button.

  1. Select an SNS.

  1. Type a caption.

  1. Hit “Post”.

  • You have shared Two Dots on Facebook!

Explore Two Dots

Now that you have jumped into the Two Dots adventure, navigate through the Two Dots world!

Your Achievements

View your medals, stars, and accomplished levels.



How much gold have you saved? You can purchase more!



You’re still full of life on Two Dots! If you ever lose a level, don’t worry! Your heart refill only takes 20 minutes. You can certainly have it back in no time.



The Main settings displays your player ID and profile.

You can turn the Music, SFX, and Vibration options on or off. Colorblind mode is also available.

You don’t know how a power works? Ask Help straight from Two Dots.



Know where you’re headed! Journey through forests, deserts, and other unique worlds.


Feel connected!

You’ll surely get hooked on this game! The thrill comes from the limited number of moves to accomplish the goal. And satisfaction comes right after connecting matching dots and seeing them disappear from the screen. Enjoy completing challenges and never run out of dots to connect!